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International Business In Russia


There are a number of misconceptions about Russia as a business destination. Some people believe that conducting business in Russia is an all too easy process and that all it takes are some good connections or simply meeting with the right people. On the other hand, others believe that in Russia, it is almost impossible to do business and that enterprises are not governed by the basic principles of economics. While these latter assertions might have some validity in certain respects, it is essential to understand that they do not represent the business climate, market opportunities or entry strategies required to make it in Russia.

Russia as a business destination requires its own set of rules. One needs to be ready to do business in an unconventional way. Additionally, one should be ready for the disparities that occur across various sectors and also across a number of geographical areas. In Russia, some areas are oversupplied while others are undersupplied. The latter could either act as rewarding business opportunities in certain instances or they could signify areas that need to be ignored because if the Russians themselves do not see any potential in it, then what makes a foreigner think that he/she can turn it around. (Fetsenko, 2008)

Business in Russia is not for the feint hearted. It requires a great deal of imagination and resilience. But after exercising all the latter traits, it can then become easy to enjoy the rewards of investing in this country. Consequently, one should be well equipped with all the business environment information, market intelligence, import and export opportunities and market strategies required to succeed in Russia before venturing there. These are all aspects that will be covered in the report below.

Market Intelligence Report (MIR)

The Russian People

There are a number of misconceptions held by westerners about the Russian people. Some of them believe that Russian cities are too susceptible to crime and that one would lose their property at any one time. However, compared to crime levels in the United States, Russian cities are safer.

Other people believe that in Russia, organized crime overrules the basic principles of economics and that one cannot expect to find considerable profits without collaborating with these high profile criminals. However, this is another misconception; one can still conduct business in Russia without having to involve members of organized crime. While the latter issue may exist in certain sectors of the economy, others are not affected by it. Consequently, businessmen interested in doing business there need to familiarize themselves with the sectors that are untouched by such kinds of issues. (Donga, 2008)

It should also be noted that not all Russian people are interested in taking bribes. The case of corruption has been a rising concern among business men from the US because most of them may not understand the dynamics of the Russian business environment. However, this is an issue that has been exaggerated by many individuals. In fact, this could simply be a result of the culture shock which one gets exposed to as soon as they enter a foreign country.

It should however be noted that the Russian people are not as expressive as most other individuals especially when they meet strangers. This kind of attitude emerged out of the communist regime that oppressed its people’s freedoms. Consequently, it would be wise to remember this aspect when dealing with the Russian people. One might not be able to get responses out of them at first hand, it may be necessary for one to earn their trust first before they can think of opening up.

It should be noted that the Russian way of life is slightly different from the American one. Consequently, foreigners need to understand that not everything in Russia will be synonymous to what they are used to in their own countries. This means that one should be ready for the minor inconveniences that come with change. The Russian people eat different food, they enjoy different leisure activities and conduct business a little differently from the Americans. It would therefore be appropriate for one to deal with these cultural differences by embracing them rather than by whining and complaining about them. (Reykavik, 2006)

The Russian people differ from the Americans because their perceptions of contracts are quite peculiar. Most Russians regard contracts as statements which contain mutual intentions. Consequently, if something happens to alter those intentions, then the Russians may not be obliged to meet the terms of the contract. This is a totally different mindset from the American definition because Americans are more concerned with the terms of the contract and the intricate details that govern it. It should be noted that Russians place more emphasis on the relationships that emanate from the contract rather on the particular details of it.

Russians are well cultured persons. They are exposed to a wide range of media platforms and books; they are also good researchers and scientists. Consequently, one should not assume that they cannot get any positive responses from Russian people in terms of business. In fact, most of them are good with foreign languages and can be well motivated to perform. However, care should be taken by western managers especially when work involves a lot of innovation. The Russians were not used to making their own decisions during the communist regime because they would get punished for doing so. Consequently, American investors need to inform their Russian workers about their expectations and whether they would anticipate their workers to exercise innovation.

The economy

The Russian economy has quickly emerged from its downturn in the nineteen nineties and in the late nineties. By the time, the country was entering the twenty first century, it was boasting of a growing economy whereas their counterparts were fighting off inflation. The Russian economy is unique in that while other countries are trying to cope with rising oil prices, this country is benefiting from it. Because the country is rich in oil supplies, then it is on the opposite end of the global oil crisis. (Ganske, 2007)

The country’s local imports have strengthened against exports because of the behavior patterns of the Russian Rouble. The following is depiction of this pattern

1998- 9.71  Roubles per US dollar

1999-24.6 Roubles per US dollar

2005-28,3 roubels per US dollar

The overall effect of this week rouble is that the highest percentages of commodities that have been doing well in this country are industrial products and most of them are being produced locally. It is therefore imperative for investors to consider this sector.

Furthermore, Russian business investments have grown tremendously over the past few years. This is as a result of greater utilization of their capacity. Also, the government minimized tax burdens amongst its populace and also expanded their employment opportunities. However, spending power has not reached similar levels owing to increasing prices of commodities. Furthermore, inflation levels have been much lower over the past few years owing to the monetary policies instituted by the respective government regime. The following is summary of some of the major indicators of the Russian economy over the past five years

Source: retrieved from

The government

The Russian political scene has witnessed numerous fluctuations over the past decade. During the nineteen nineties, it was controlled by its president Yeltsin and these were not good times for the business environment. However, after the Yeltsin era, there was the emergence of the Putin era. This era is much more successful than the latter because of number of reasons. The following are some of the characteristic of this era;

  • Strong tax collection
  • Favorable business environment
  • Lower personal income tax
  • Lower corporate taxes
  • Sound economic measures

These are all aspects that encourage greater investment and better performance for entrepreneurs especially in relation to international business. Because of these changes, the Gross Domestic product of the country has undergone numerous changes over the past few years. For instance in 1999, it recorded a six point four percent growth rate, in 2000, it reported a ten percent growth rate, in subsequent years, it has continued to grow at a steady pace. (HKTDC, 2008)

The Russian government has been somewhat criticized for the method of governance. While it is a known fact that Russia’s political environment has not been an exemplary case, one can still proceed with business in this country regardless of good or bad political situations. In fact, one’s frame of mind will largely affect whether they can go about their business without being affected the politics in the country or vice versa.

It should be noted that the Russian government has only allowed free market economics over the past decade. Consequently, most industrialists and business men who operate in this country are highly inexperienced in commercial business ventures and also in international business; areas that require application of basic economic principles.

Technology status

In the past, the Russian government has not been very keen on the issue of Information technology. However, this trend is slowly changing owing to the fact that the country has recorded high amounts of tax incentives for IT specialty companies. Additionally, most of the local hardware manufacturers are growing in size. In fact, the country has forecast an IT growth rate of fourteen percent by the year 2011. This is also means that the country will grow by nine billion dollars in this sector from the ten billion dollars registered last year. (Tuohy, 2008)

The government has also instituted plans that it will rebate taxes for families by as much as thirty nine percent if those families purchase computers. This also means that IT use among members of the population will rapidly increase. There are also some tax cuts that have been instituted for suppliers in the hardware sector. Consequently, one would have a relatively easier time in this sector presently than in the past. (Kitov, 2007)

The country’s technological has also improved tremendously owing to the institution of an initiative in 2007. The initiative was to encourage greater computer usage in rural parts of the country. This was done by reducing the cost of purchasing PCs in those areas. Consequently, many individuals have been encouraged to participate in IT and this has gone a long way in enhancing this country’s economy.

Business Environment Analysis Report (BEAR)

Russia underwent a series of economic reforms over the past few years. Consequently, the country now boasts of stable currency i.e. the Ruble as now stabilized. This means that any foreign investor who is interested in doing business would have a better bet at succeeding if they concentrated on exports rather than imports. Imports to Russia have been very expensive. Consequently, managers should consider creating goods locally or using locally made supplies so as to minimize their costs of business.

It should also be noted that these economic reforms have now created feasibility in previously low performing sectors. For instance, it is now advisable to consider the retail sector especially with regard to consumer goods. Additionally, it is now also favorable to consider dealing in manufacturing equipment. The financial investment sector is also becoming increasingly lucrative and would be a profitable venture when considered by entrepreneurs.

Before one conducts business in Russia, it is essential for one to look for local partners. There are a number of advantages that can emerge out of finding a good local partner and these could be invaluable to the business. Some of them include;

-They understand bureaucracy in the country

-They know the market dynamics

-Are familiar with staffing arrangements

-Understand overall business costs

-They understand common mistakes made by first time investors

-They know how local rent costs are settled

-Can give information about taxes

All this information can be accessed by foreign companies simply by hiring the services of these local personnel. Consequently, one can save on time and resources. It should be noted that getting local partners in Russia is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of doing business in this country. This is because these partners can save the foreign investor a lot of hustle when trying to look for local consumers, suppliers or other stakeholders that will be involved in the overall business process. (Vista, 2008)

The Russian business environment is different from what most other people are accustomed to. For instance, in Russia, one ought be ready to pay more for certain items and pay less for others. The country’s economy cannot be labeled as a totally liberal one. Consequently, one should not expect that goods will be free flowing there. In other words, it may be necessary for an investor to prepare for lack of competition on basic service provision. For instance, the real estate sector is below the US standards. Consequently, it would be affordable for one to rent their business premises rather than purchase them.

However, even renting western style offices may not be that cheap because their levels are synonymous with charges in London or even Tokyo. Also, if an investor is merely spending a short time in the country and they are in need of hotel services, then one ought to be ready to pay extra for western style hotels. Additionally, international calls are quite costly in comparison to what other persons in the country pay.

The American definition of decent business meals would be more costly in Russia than it would be back home. For instance, it is difficult for one to get meals that cost less than fifty dollars per head if they are looking for western style servings. (Reykavik, 2006)

It is also essential to note that in Russia, transportation costs are relatively fair. It would cost one a mere five hundred dollars to fly to almost all areas of the country. Additionally, if one chooses to use trains, then they can pay less than fifty dollars to go to any part of Russia.

In terms, of labor costs, Russia’s wages are not as typical as they are for other western counterparts. In other words, it depends on what foreign investors are looking for in this country. If one needs bilingual personnel, then it may be necessary to expect high costs there. Also, if one is located in some of the major cities such as Moscow, then wage costs will be much higher than in the rural areas. Also, the latter costs depend on the part of the economy that one is specializing in. If one is situated in an area that is oil rich, then one would have to pay much more for their labor costs than in any other part of the world. However, if one was looking for workers in an industrial city, then they would have to pay their workers much less.

Additionally, it is necessary for one to invest in labor costs when they are dealing with certain forms of goods or services. When one deals with the information technology sector, then prices may vary depending on the savings that one is looking for. For instance, compared to the United States, it is relatively inexpensive to get computer programmers. However, if one compares these labor costs to the Asian computer programmers, then Russian labor cost may be deemed as expensive. This is because in Russia, computer programmers are not in high demand compared to their western counterparts. Consequently, they have little leverage to negotiate their salaries.

When one considers setting up a brand name in Russia, it would not entail extreme labor costs. This is because in Russia, brands are not as competitive as they are in the United States. Consequently, an entrepreneur who has the aim of creating brand recognition may not find it particularly difficult to do so in Russia than in other parts of the world especially in the western world. (HKTDC, 2008)

All in all, business costs in Russia may be regarded as more of an opportunity than a cost. Any extra charges incurred in labor or costs of production may be offset by the returns that emerge out of the business. Consequently, one should be prepared to part with huge sums of money if they are to get the same huge returns in the end.

Report on opportunities for Market Entry (ROME)

Certain sectors have been emerging as strongholds within the Russian economy in comparison to others. Oil related services and products are particularly rewarding especially in terms of imports. This is because Russia is richly endowed with natural resources and these have the potential to earn high rewards for any international business person.

Additionally, Information technology services can be a hub for an international businessman who may be interested in offering those services to locals. Since the government has offered numerous incentives in this case, then one would certainly have high chances of succeeding if they focused on information technology.

Since Russia is one of the most notable countries in Europe when it comes to scientific research, then investing in such a sector could earn an entrepreneur good rewards, more so when the latter individual is working on exporting scientific related products. (Reykavik, 2006)

Spending power has relatively stabilized in Russia. This was as a result of the kind of reform instituted by the current government regime. Consequently, it would be advisable to consider consumer items especially in the food sector. However, in order to reap good rewards, one ought to consider producing those same items within Russia and not outside. This is because it would be too costly to import the commodity. Examples of consumer items that international businesses could focus on include motor vehicles and electronics.

Market Entry Strategy Assignment (MESA)

In order to do well in Russia, it would plausible to link up with a strategic partner that will ease one’s transition into the area. It should be noted that the market entry strategy can either be through partnering with local Russian firms or the use of international firms that have been working in Russia for long periods of time. Since this case deals with consumer products, then it would be advisable to utilize an international firm that has been working in Russia for longer than ten years. On such example is the Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS). The firm boasts of having fifty thousand clients that have instituted international businesses.

Consequently, it has the expertise required to assist an entrepreneur in setting up their business in Russia. The company has been dwelling on the Soviet Union ever since 1992 when it was formed. This means that the company has been responsible for over three billion dollars worth of exports to investors in overseas areas. Also, sixty three percent of investors in Russia were as a direct result of what this strategic company could offer.

The first issue that will need to be tackled prior to entry is getting a market report on the specific business segment. This will be obtained from the strategic partner BISNIS. Thereafter, it will be important to understand the dynamics of Russia’ business leads, these will also be provided by the latter mentioned partner.

It will also be important to understand the financial intricacies of conducting business in Russia. This is because financing can be very tricky there. Consequently, this is an issue that will also be tackled by the strategic partner.

It should also be favorable to use large scale industrial set ups rather than setting up a small or medium scale enterprise during market entry. This is because the largest movers of the economy in Russia come from the former sector, it could therefore be problematic trying to venture into an area that does not have a lot of government support through the small and medium sized enterprises. (Reykavik, 2006)

The products created in Russia will be marketed partly in Russia and also internationally. Consequently, there will be a need to keep track of the intricate details of the world currency rates, consumption patterns for the commodity among other items that may affect the business in the end. It will be essential to offer high quality items, for the product thus exceeding local standards and creating a lucrative area of businesses in Russia.


Russia is an emerging economy and would be a very lucrative investment area. This is because the country is endowed with natural resources. Also, its business environment is quite feasible. Some of the negative assertion made by western media about Russian business men are stereotypical and do not actually represent the average Russian.

Some of the major imports that one can dwell on include motor vehicles and information technology. Exports that can yield returns in Russia include oil related products and services.

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Business English and Its Importance in Business and Professional Success

What is Business English?

Loosely defined, business English refers to English language used in international trade or business. It is a specialized area of English language learning and teaching because it is largely attributed to non-native English speakers who study the subject to enhance their chances of doing business with companies from English speaking countries.

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Why Learning Business English Is Important

Around the world, there is an estimated 1 Billion people learning English. Many factors point to the reason why learning English has seen exponential growth in recent years, but it all boils down to the English language being the “global language” of business, politics, international relations, culture, and entertainment for so many countries worldwide. And that is just an understatement as in fact, while English is not an official language in many countries worldwide, it is the language most often taught as a foreign or second language.

Business Leverage

The rapid growth in technology for global communications notwithstanding, there are still many companies and individual professionals who fail in their quest for business or professional success. And oftentimes the failure primarily lies on one of the most basic foundations of making business relations – the language spoken. Undoubtedly, the English language is the global language for business and having a good command of English will definitely give one who is eyeing globally competitive business or career a clear edge. Any communications problem, whether personal or business, translates to losses, zero result in negotiations, incompetence for global business, or will just simply leave you ill-equipped to carry out international business.

Watch: Closed for business in Brussels
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Career Growth

Going down on a more personal level of career success, having the right Business English communication skills will surely equip you with a liberating confidence and ability to express yourself in the English language. It will surely be an advantage in interviews, thus giving you more opportunities to widen your career prospects. Or if you are not looking for a new job, having the confidence and ability to speak Business English is one way of enhancing your potential for earning by making you stand out for career advancement or promotions. Studies show a steady growth in the number of companies worldwide requiring employees who have bilingual skills.

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Purpose of Ethics in a Business Environment

Ethics can be defined as a set of moral values or principles that consist of a moral duty and obligation. In the business setting they are the rules or standards which govern the conduct of employees. This code of conduct encourages public confidence in the products and services of the company. A profession is formed on the basis of a generally accepted body of knowledge, a standard of achievement and code of ethics that is strictly enforced. A code of ethics is said to be a crucial element in the foundation of a profession. The three major accounting professional organizations follow an ethics code.

Ethics are especially important in the work of a management accountant so they have the right elements and are able to serve their management efficiently. The behavior of a management accountant is governed by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Code of Ethics. When this code of ethics is followed a trusting relationship develops so the work of the accountants is able to be relied upon and it also enhances their professionalism. The four main standards that appear on the code of ethics are competence, credibility, confidentiality and integrity. The standard of competence requires that every member must maintain a high level of professionalism by continuing to develop their skills and knowledge, be able to perform their duties by still abiding by relevant laws and regulations. Also to provide supportive decisions and other information that is accurate and timely and lastly to be able to recognize any limitations or constraints that relate to the success o an activity. Credibility refers to each member being able to communicate information objectively and make sure that they disclose all relevant information and delays of deficiencies that have an effect on the organization or its operations. The concept of confidentiality refers to each member of the organization keeping all personal information discrete and secret unless it is necessary that the information is disclosed. All parties involved must be aware and comply to the confidential policy. It is also assumed that under this standard each member will refrain from using information that is considered confidential to have an illegal advantage or promote unethical activities. The last standard in the code of ethics is integrity. Integrity refers to the ability to adhere to moral and ethical principles and have regular communication to avoid conflicts of interest. Also acting with integrity includes refraining and abstaining from engagement in any activity that with discredit the company or be deemed as unethical.

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) insures that all members of their organization should always behave ethically. Each member is obligated to commit to practices that are both ethical and professional. Their ethical principles include: Honesty, Fairness, Objectivity and Responsibility. Everyone has their own knowledge of honesty and what it means to be honest. Being truthful and sincere is said to be acting honestly and it will help in an organization if everyone possesses those qualities. Fairness in accounting is defined as a company’s financial statements being presents in an understandable, and comprehensive way to not favor one party over another. Objectivity refers to not acting based on personal feelings or prejudice and being unbiased. Responsibility is an obligation or duty to do things that you feel is right. In a business environment these are all key principles that each person must follow and uphold in order to maintain some sort of ethical standard to work and live by. Every member should not only abide by them but also encourage others in their organization to do the same; failure to comply can result in strong discipline.

Organizations can have as many rules and regulations they want when it comes down to acting ethical and how to punish those who don’t but sometimes conflicts do arise that can’t be handled just by your organization’s policies. In situations like these other courses of action must be applied and taken into consideration. To resolve ethical conflicts you should first talk to your supervisor and discuss the situation with them. If this doesn’t help to resolve the conflict it would be a good idea to keep moving up the chain of management until an immediate answer is found that would help to resolve the problem. Another option would be to discuss your possible outcomes to the situation with an IMA counselor to get a better idea of what your options are. To take it one step further you could also contact your attorney to legal obligations and rights that may be involved in the conflict of ethics.

There are always going to be ethical issues that arise but having a good ethics code within your organization there is a high chance that conflicts can be resolved. It is necessary that the ethics code be enforced and if someone is acting unethically or not abiding by the code that they person should face serious consequences. Ethics provide the foundation for which a civilized society can exist and therefore they are a key element in the success of all business and accounting professions.

3 MLM Marketing Secrets – How to Build Your It Works Global Business The Easy Way

You many have just finished with your first It Works Global opportunity meeting. Yourexcited because you love the it works body wraps, and the company is cool.

What is so common that I see with new people that join our team, is after a few weeks the excitement wears off. And the only reason people are not as excited. Is because they come to the realization that they have no clue how to market their It Works Globalbusiness.

I want to give you 3 secrets that may help you build a solid It Works Marketing business.

1. Understand the Product Benefits

The first time you tried the It Works Products you got some sort of result. You may have tried the it works wrap, and lost inches around your waist. These are results that you achieved, and are the same benefits you will share with others.

People are looking for ways to take off a few inches so they can get into that dress, or jeans. The ultimate body applicator will give you instant results, and that is what people want. So the benefits are tighten, tone, and firm. People can really understand how that will help them.

2. Find The Target Market

I never tell any of my team members that everyone in the world wants our products. That would be a false statement. Sure we love the it works products, but not everyone will see the same benefits as us. So finding a target market to share the it works products with, is key to your success.

The best target market are other people who have purchased health related products. All the late night TV shows have products that people will buy. The ab roller, the stair stepper, or that great nutritional drink. There are companies out there that will sell younames of people who have purchased one of these TV products. This will be your target market because they are looking for health, and they have money to spend. Zero in on a market of people who have purchased, and will see your it works globalteam multiply fast.

3. Automate the Process

When you sign up a new distributor, only time you get paid a commission, is when theyrecruit or retail a product. So your job is to get your group to duplicate.

Create a small little training that talks about marketing. Educate your new distributor with information. This can be in videos or ebook. Then just have an autoresponder go out each day with your training material. This will automate the training of your new it works global distributor.

Get the insider report on how you can be a part of the Fastest Growing It Works Global Team.

Make Sure You Are Included In the Directory

There are directories for just about every conceivable profession and properly monitored they are an essential tool in finding the right person for the right job.

With the advent of the internet all directories are more often than not fully on line as well as printed in hard copy. The most obvious are telephone directories which are still delivered to the doors of every home and business in the U.K. each year.

Someone I know went on a business trip to Finland from his home in the U.K. and whilst sitting in the hotel room in Helsinki noticed a telephone directory which covered the whole country. As he had a surname of Finnish origin which he knew to be from sound long distant relative who had originally come from Finland he idly picked up the directory to see if he could track down any relatives.

In the U.K. there are only a dozen people with this surname and when he opened the directory and found the name he had to laugh out loud as the name in Finnish was the equivalent of the name Smith in the U.K. and there were around two hundred pages of them.

Directories are useful not only to find someone or some trade but also to check the credentials of people in various professions. Every professional body produces lists of their members and so for instance it is possible and prudent to check the doctor you are seeing or the optician testing your eyes is not only in the directory but also has the qualifications to be treating you.

Even MI5 and MI6 along with other secretive organisations like the big one in Cheltenham must have directories of all the staff even if it is heavily restricted.

A local business directory of all types of trades and services is one of the most effective forms of advertising and is generally always cost effective. If you offer a service in anything from A to Z then it makes a lot of sense to be in the directory and will always bring results.

Just now and again something can happen which disproves statements like the one above! Many years ago a lawyer friend told me that one day someone in the office noticed that they were not listed in the Yellow directory. This omission in the latest copy meant that all the other legal practices in the city had their free listings and therefore an unfair advantage.

Unfortunately for the telephone listing company the call of complaint came from one of the lawyers with a great deal of knowledge and experience to make the most of the problem and after shouting down the phone and threatening legal action they compromised on a deal that every single phone bill would be paid for by the phone company for the next twelve months.

The smart lawyer knew that the firm was so old and established that very few new enquiries came through that directory anyway and also that with nearly fifty lawyers in the practice their phone bill the previous year was close to one hundred thousand pounds.

Additionally, all the lawyers kept their clients as long as possible on the line that year as they charged per minute on the telephone.

This was awinning situation that increased profits far more that year than if they had been in the directory to begin with and this is the only exception to the maxim that if your business is in a directory for free then it is always profitable.

Advertising on Newspaper or Magazine!

Many small business owners think that they should not invest on magazine advertisement. They would rather spend same amount of money to advertise on a newspaper for a few days or weeks. Many small business owners state that, they do not like magazine advertisement because they are costly and they are often far from the penetration level of a newspaper. Are they taking a correct decision? Let us find out.

There is a basic difference between newspaper advertisement and magazine advertisement apart from pricing issues. The advertisement that you publish in a newspaper become stale the next day. There is a new newspaper to replace the new one. To add to this, people are more interested to read news in a newspaper. They often skip the advertisement and go straight to their desired page. Out of habit, people know what to find and where to find that.

In case of a magazine, the situation is different. A magazine got better longevity than a newspaper.  You normally carry a magazine for at least a week, until the new issue arrives. To add to this, magazine stories normally carry some editorial value. This further adds to the reasons to keep the magazine for a longer period. Thus, as long as the magazine survives in the rack, your advertisement lives.

There is another big difference between magazine advertisement and newspaper advertisement. People have different reasons to read them. A magazine reader normally keeps it to read in spare time. The same reader will hurry through the newspaper to get the headlines as fast as possible. The readers know very well, what they can expect from a newspaper and a magazine.

Now, as a small business owner you must ask yourself if the magazine is good enough for you or not. As I stated above, many small business owners think that the penetration level ofmagazine ads is much less than newspaper ads. However, you also need to consider another very important factor here. The success of an advertisement campaign does not depend on the number of people the medium can reach. The success depends on the quality of the market. If your advertisement does not reach the target market via the right medium, it will only increase the wastage amount.
For example, what is the best advertising medium for you if you are a boutique owner in your locality! If your target market is only local people, there is hardly any need to advertise on newspaper or magazine. On the contrary, you should try other medium like banners or word-of-mouth advertisement to promote your shop.  Nevertheless, what will you do if you want to target women (age group 35 to 45; irrespective of gross household income) in your city who wants to keep track fashion changes? Find out if they read any particular fashion magazine and advertise there. Another reason to advertise in a local fashion magazine to attract local clients for similar businesses is that, your product is not something of immediate need.

Similarly, if a plumber wants to advertise his or her service, local telephone directory is a good and cost effective solution.

The main issue is that, before you abandon a media, think about the return on investment.

Reliable finance broker at your doorstep

Buying a house is a large money investment. Not everybody has the money capability to buy a home or  a real-estate property in cash. So, home buyers seek for home loans.

Now, finding a decent and reasonable home finance arrangement could be a long and nerve-wracking method. If you are trying to get the most effective equity credit provider on your own, you may have to be compelled to notice the most effective lender/credit supplier then try and win over him/her for loan approval.

Today, several sensible home patrons don’t endure the difficulty of finding a lender/credit supplier on their own. Instead, they communicate with finance brokers for getting an equity credit line. It’s because finance brokers are equity credit line consultants. They have the qualifications, data and knowledge to guide you through the complete method of finance and insurance arrangements.

The distinction between a Finance Broker and a Loans Officer-

Loans Officer
You can get a home equity loan directly through a loaner (e.g. bank, depository financial institution, savings and loan association, etc.). If you choose to go to a loaner, most likely be coping with a “loans officer” who can establish that of the lender’s portfolio of loan products will fit your desires, rather than looking the complete market for an appropriate loan.
You may conjointly notice that the loans officers used by lenders expect you to possess full information of home loans. They even ask you if you wish a set or a variable loan. But, they forget to relinquish you an evidence of what they’re and the way they work.

Finance Broker
You can conjointly undergo a finance broker who incorporates a full information of how home loans work. They’ll inform you the assorted credit policies and loaning needs for all lenders/credit providers as they manage them on an everyday usual.

So, before you begin checking out your next home equity loan, you must ask for the help of a professionally qualified and knowledgeable finance broker who can save a lot of time looking around and is willing to supply you with variety of comparisons of the various interest rates and loan products offered within the market.

What is the role of Finance Brokers?

Finance brokers can work with clients:

  1. to work out their borrowing wants and ability;
  2. choose a loan suited to their circumstances;
  3. Manage the method during to settlement; and Even on the far side (i.e. post-settlement).
  4. Many businesses use finance brokers:
  5.  to assist them with their finance wants (e.g. automotive and instrumentality leasing); and
  6. to assist them when they are wanting to expand the companies.

What are the advantages of employing a Finance Broker?

Here could be a list of some benefits:

  1. they are doing all the legal work for you;
  2. they need access to a wider vary of loans;
  3.  they’re consultants in obtaining you loan approval;
  4.  they need larger business expertise and knowledge; and
  5. they’re needed to satisfy strict instructional Standards and skilled Qualifications

What do Finance Brokers specialise in?

Finance brokers will specialize in many areas such as:

  1. Residential /Mortgage Loans;
  2. finance and Equity Releases (i.e. money outs);
  3. instrumentality Leasing;
  4. private property Finance;
  5. automotive and private Loans;
  6.  Business Loans;
  7.  business Property Finance;
  8.  Medico and Pharmacy Loans;
  9. Agricultural Loans; and
  10. Organize for your Insurance wants.

How to Improve the Business Environment

The concept of social legitimacy is based on the premise that business relationships between a company and a particular stakeholder will not irresponsibly damage the legitimate interests of other stakeholders. Legitimate is used in a broader sense than legal. It implies an entitlement which is recognized by others as correct.


Justification means that the action is acceptable to both affected and interested parties. Very often the affected party is being overlooked.


Despite the need for openness, in some areas, such as customer data, employee data, citizen data and others, confidentiality is crucial. It is a source of added value to these groups.


Sincerity excludes pretending and leads to doing what is right, not only is what dutiful. It covers also honesty, respect for others and adherence to promises.

The importance of the above mentioned pillars is interrelated and changing in different situations. Within the democratic and market reforms in post-totalitarian countries, these pillars themselves are being built / re-built. In the transition and adjustment periods, there may be tensions or even conflicts among individuals pillars. The most problematic relations are between legality, legitimacy and justification. We may assume that the reconstruction of the entire legal system and functioning of courts is at the core of this disharmony.

Responsibility (accountability) is another related concept which needs further specification. In the context of building the national integrity system we are not concerned with the so called causal responsibility which may be characterized as a relation between one event and another when the former causes or helps cause the latter. We should focus on moral (personal or collective) responsibility when ones role is defined by virtue of moral, legal or some other sort of rules. In business ethics debate, a considerable attention has been paid to the problem whether collectives such as nations or formal organizations may bear responsibility. There are some very influential critiques of collective/corporate responsibility arguing that corporations and other formal organizations are at best legal but not moral entities. They can be held legally liable, but only human beings have moral responsibility. Among the main arguments for the existence of corporate responsibilities the following ones can be mentioned: A firm (an organization) is qualitatively different from an individual and other entity such as community or country. Since the organization makes decisions and takes actions, it can be qualified as an actor. Its actions affect people, and these actions can be evaluated from a moral point of view. A company or organization is capable of moral behaviour and, therefore, has a moral responsibility.

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines adopted in the U.S. A. in 1991 represent an important input into this debate and especially in the cultivation of business practices. This model of good corporate citizenship is designed on the basis of compliance approach and stresses the concept of due diligence. It requires companies set up compliance standards to be followed (communicated, trained, enforced sanctioned).
Personal, as well as collective, responsibility requires two conditions: freedom and intention (awareness of the moral character of an action). Basically, responsibility involves three components: the subject who bears responsibility that cannot be completely determined by rules and laws; for what the subject is responsible (the spheres of responsibility); and the authority to whom the subject is accountable. We have to go further and try to evaluate the degree of responsibility or the kind of the ethical challenge involved. It is suggested in the business ethics literature to distinguish between minimal ethical requirements, positive obligations beyond the minimum, and aspirations for ethical ideals. The first degree includes basic ethical norms such as do not kill, not rob, not exploit, etc. Going further means that it is becoming more and more difficult to find consensus than in the first case. Here is a broad space of freedom and inspiration companies (acting with integrity) can use to define their mission, build their culture and reputation.

From a very vague concept of social responsibility of the whole system, where it was hard to find concrete bearers of this responsibility, and to define their responsibility in a totalitarian regime (the condition of freedom was not fulfilled), which by its behavior in fact discredited the idea of social responsibility, at present we find ourselves in a very different environment. With democratization of our societies and market of the economies, new actors have emerged. They play various roles in the economy, and have also various interests. Consequently, companies and other organizations in this new system have to deal with various new stakeholders (mainly shareholders, management, employees, competitors, suppliers, creditors, local community where the business operates, global community). What is their responsibility towards the stakeholders? This is a crucial question which is being raised by businesses all around the developed world, and also by the academic sphere. Neither business, nor academics have fully answered this question. Moreover, there is not a consensus on the stakeholders’ model itself (in some perceptions, only shareholders are important). I would like to even broaden this problem and to interpret it in the political and economic context of emerging market economies. The identification of various responsibilities from both sides could help to improve the business environment and even to clarify some basic concepts or categories of the market system.

Utilities of ALM Tools In a Changing Business Environment

Some of the crucial technology trends have modified the modern day business requirements. Today it is a crucial need for businesses to be able to adapt to the market alterations and deliver faster than others market players in order to stay ahead of competition. Hence there is a need to set up a capacity to shift to a new software and place procedures at a faster pace. This creates a demand for developers of the vendors or other in-house groups to be more productive. This maximized developer productivity can be attained when supported with apt procedures and tools.

These above mentioned reasons make it not only imperative to use ALM by all kinds of businesses, but also it needs vendors to integrate Agile methodology in the ALM tools. Furthermore, companies also need to resort to certain key practices to deploy AgileApplication Lifecycle Management which assists people and processes for enhancing productivity.

Conventional ALM has always implemented pre-defined standardized procedures through the tools. As a result people had to resort to software development revolving around processes and tools. The ultimate outcome of software delivery would never be what the consumer has been looking for. Although the pre-defined procedures would focus on retaining certain quality levels, it would most often lead to delayed production and sub-optimal delivery of software to the consumer. The conventional manner of using ALM is not going to work accurately with the new trends coming in. Enterprises which concentrate on assisting people and procedures through Agile ALM will enhance productivity and beat the competition.

However, today eminent companies specializing in IT service management have come up innovative ALM integrationtools with three significant approaches. They are:

* Point-to-point Integrated Multi Vendor Tools

* Single Vendor Integrated ALM Tools

* Multi-vendor Best of Breed Integrated ALM Tools

Furthermore, integrated ALM tools help organizations to view artifacts easily that might be managed by one to another tool. This comprises test cases ranging from requirements management software and requirements of test case management tool and sometimes design object list from IDE. This indicates that more than a single artifact is accessible from one tool. Therefore, every stakeholder can access artifacts from other tools without having to move apart from their own tool platform. This enables in recognizing an issue at the initial phase, promote collaboration and reduce errors and costs.

Global Business Environment

It is very natural that every business industries in the world want to grow rapidly with minimal cost of producing product & services. To achieve the quality in the minimum cost is very easy by adopting the latest trends prevailing in the business world, outsourcing the work is one of the cheapest mode to save money as well as precious time. World business is consist of large number of big companies as well short & medium scale industries and all needs to grow faster, in order to get the quality work done in the low costs they use to have the advantageous services of theoffshore development centers.
Offshore development centers has become today’s most revenue generating concepts for outsourcing firms of the modern business world as they are providing cheap IT services such as software development and other web related services. Offshore development centers are the source of complete set of ready made qualified professionals to work as per requirements of the outsourcing firm. Customized services at low cost is one of the property of offshore centers for becoming most popular concept of global business as well as offshore development centers are working for almost all the industries of the business world such as Banking & Finance, Retail, Travel, HR and manufacturing etc.
Reason for the popularity in the rapid pace is matching approaches of the both the involved entities in the business. Out sourcing firms use to get skilled professionals according to the process of their business and on the other hand development centers use to get good price for the quality work.

Well equipped with suitable technology devices and advanced infrastructure in the development centers are one of the strong reason for the attraction of the outsourcing firms.
There are multiple facilities provided by the offshore companies to the outsourcing firms such as internet marketing and SEO & SEM services as well as variety of supportive IT services.
Offshore companies or centers has become popular among well settled outsourcing firms as well those firms who are at initialization phase of their development, provision of the customized IT services for the integration of the new advanced IT concepts in the existing business as well as all the asked IT services for the newly set businesses by the offshore centers.
Team of Qualified and talented professionals with compatible abilities with business nature and perfect coordination with changing business environment of the business industries of the world.
There are an number of offshore centers are available in the different parts of the world providing the IT services to the outsourcing firms, these firms use these offshore centers according to their best suitable conditions.
To fulfill all the requirements of the outsourcing firms, offshore companies have opened their various offices at distinct parts of the world to provide the customized services to their clients.
Both the involved entities are serving each other to achieve the maximum level of profits as well as raising the standards of the global business world.

Global business environment and its impact on management education

1. Objectives of the study:

v     To understand the fundamentals of Globalisation and Management education.

v     To analyse the impact of Globalization on Management Education.

v     To identify the need for management education to meet global Challenges and issues.

v     To suggest new methods and trends for improving management education.

2. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education – An overview :

2.1 What is Globalisation?

v     The term ‘globalization’ means integration of economies and societies through cross country flows of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital, finance and people. Cross border integration can have several dimensions – cultural, social, political and economic. In fact, some people fear cultural and social integration even more than economic integration.

v     People around the globe are more connected to each other today than ever before in the history of mankind. Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is more frequent. International communication is commonplace.

v     In today’s rapidly changing business environment, capable managers are crucial to organizations’ success in gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. This must be achieved against a background of intensified competition, incessant change, a power shift to the customer, collaborations across organizational and geographical boundaries, and a need to maintain high levels of talent. Business programs across the nation recognize the need to change in response to external pressure from key stakeholders.

2.2 What is Management Education and its Importance?

v     Management education is in the process of globalization. Organizations are becoming more complex and businesses more competitive. The demands on the skills of present and future managers are changing. It has become essential to re-examine the entire structure, content, purpose and pattern of Management Education.

v     Changing economic conditions and intensification of global competition have given management education an increasingly central role in the success of individuals and corporations.

v     Intense global competition has catapulted management education into an increasingly central role in the success of individuals, business and corporations. Management education has become a big business across the world.

v     Global competition is changing the relationship between management education and business. Continuous changes in both technology and economic systems, along with the speed of change, require executives to be engaged in a constant learning process. Management education has become a major profession that attracts considerable attention across the world.

3 Reviews on Management Education:

3.1) Issue of “Management for the Future”

Ashridge Group considered the issue of “Management for the Future” (Storey and Sisson 1990), and emphasized three aspects:

v      Organizations should promote learning as a cherished organizational value and must seek to link training and development to business strategy and plans.

v      If the business schools and other providers of management education are to help their clients develop learning cultures, they will need to develop new skills and services that will enable them to contribute more effectively to clients’ real business needs.

v      The business schools will need a much deeper understanding of the business needs of companies and will have to build closer relationships with them through partnerships and joint ventures.

3.2) Agenda for improving management education

A three point agenda for improving management education was proposed by McFarland (1960), and is given as follows:

v      Management departments and their faculties must redefine their own academic image.

v     After formulating their most important objectives, management departments must cast off the shackles of an undistinguished past.

v     Management departments must increasingly orient themselves toward genuinely scientific research, unlike in the past.

3.3) Manager needs

The Charter defined that making of manager’s needs attention across five fronts:

v     Company specific work on competencies;

v     Target setting;

v      Evaluation of performance and analysis of developmental needs;

v     Formal training and developmental interventions; and

v      Support for self development

4) Trends in Management Education (Global Scenario):

v     Global competition, emergence of consulting business and Internet based transactions are changing the product offerings in management education. The trends of evolution of management education indicate that knowledge creation is becoming more student based. This will usher in a variety of changes, including, paradoxically, a trend towards closer interaction among industry, students and faculty.

v     E-learning and computer based learning packages are making inroads slowly. The creation of knowledge will always be an important mission for business schools, other organizations are developing more formal management programmes and creating knowledge; this may cause a shift in strategy as schools become more focused on gathering and sharing, rather than on creating knowledge.

v     It is important to recognize that knowledge creation is taking place not only in ivory towers, but also in corporate boardrooms. Computer based tools and technologies are being used for themes where content is crucial.

v     More specifically, global change forces have brought fundamental changes to the way in which business organizations are managed. (Hallinger and Snidvongs 2008) has found the following management trends

a)      Organizations are more restructured in response to more open competition (Ohame 1996).

b)      There is an increased emphasis on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial managementas engines of global economic growth (Drucker 1995).

c)      The recognition that ethical crises and environmental problems located in a single nation or organization are magnified in a global society has led to a greater emphasis on moral leadership and corporate social responsibility among business leaders (Csikszentmihalyi 2004).

d)      The ability to manage and use information for decision making is now a core competency required of managers throughout business organizations (Drucker 1995).

e)       There is increased emphasis on linking corporate goals with human resource practices especially through the use of performance management and measurement (Norton and Kaplan 1996).

f)       Knowledge is viewed as a key currency of organizations that requires conscious, proactive management (Buckman 2004; Stewart 1997, 2001).

g)       Capacities for innovation and change are viewed as competencies that distinguish organizations that thrive vs. others that flounder in a rapidly changing, turbulent environment (Drucker 1995; Kotter 2002; Rohwer 1996).

h)      These changes have required a cadre of business leaders who possess a broader set of both leadership and management capacities (Hallinger and Snidvongs 2008).

5. Conclusion:

The global challenges exerted pressure on management schools to change. Growing globalization of national economies through trade and investment made it even more vital to further the understanding of processes and consequences of internationalization. It was certain that institutions lacking a vigorous, systematic and coherent strategy for internationalization of existing management curricula, putting all concerned at a serious disadvantage in the years to come. Global companies increasingly recognize the need to develop leaders who are equally comfortable and effective working anywhere in the world. Management education and management practices are converging. Reputed schools have created value through research, cases and action research. Internationalization of business called for a series of new skills. It was clear that Management development needed to create a portfolio of learning through the use of a variety of approaches. Till recently, there have been no major discussions on funding support for management education. Contemporary management education practices need to be enriched to meet the aspiration of Industry and society to achieve inclusive and sustainable development.

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Using Free Advertising To Promote Your UK Based Business

Free advertising is an excellent way of promoting your business, especially when it can be so expensive to promote it via the usual roots. It can very costly to promote your business if you choose to advertise in a magazine or newspaper and you will only be seen by certain people, and those individuals might not even be looking for what you are selling. You could also pay to advertise your business on the Internet, but this can be very expensive, though you will be promoting your business in front of a much more targeted audience.

To promote your UK based business it makes more sense to try and use as many free advertising streams as possible. There are many out there, you just need to look carefully. One of the simplest ways to promote your business for free is to get it listed on a business directory. There are many business directories out there and the majority of them will allow you to list for free. You can pay to upgrade your listing, but this is entirely down to the individual and it is not something that has to be done. You can just stick with a free listing. A busy business directory will be used by members of the general public who are trying to find a suitable business. They are likely to use that business if it has a lot of high quality reviews. It costs nothing to list your business in a directory and you will receive interest from that listing if good reviews start to appear next to it.

There are many other ways of advertising your business for free online, though one of the most effective ways is by placing it on one of the many business directories that are available.

Using free advertising is an excellent way of promoting your business if it is done correctly. There are many places to advertise for free, but some of them won’t be very effective and the people who offer this service will try and get money from you at some stage. With a business directory there isn’t much point in upgrading your listing unless your business is in a competitive niche or you want to promote the fact that you have excellent reviews and you are a trustworthy business.

Marketing your business can now be very expensive as there are so many opportunities out there. It can be quite a minefield and you can end up wasting a lot of money if you are not careful. Many businesses will offer free advertising but they will end up trying to charge you – you have to remember that these companies need to make money somehow.

To make your business work you have to do the right marketing. You could have the best business in the world but if nobody knows about it, it will never become a success. For your business to do well you will need to advertise it as much as possible but in the right places. Finding ways to advertise your business for free is an excellent starting point for making your business a success.

Impact of globalization in the fashion media

Fashion media is a term used by the fashion industry to communicate about a brand to prospective consumers. The medium of communication comprises of public relations, advertising, sales promotion and several others. The traditional methods of communicating the availability of a new product through lifestyle magazine is now taken over by the new ‘two way’ method of communication that includes advertisements as well as feedback from the customers1.

Fashion journalists are keen on publishing what is happening in Londonand Paristo be the first to report fashion revolution that not only consists of innovation but is also of importance for cultural production. Fashion writers are conscious about associating the culture of each nation to a season’s fashion to ensure there is a national identity for the products2.

Advertisement is a mass media because it reaches a mass market. The notion that advertising is non-targeted and non personal is a wrong implication.  Advertising luxury brands in mass media like television and magazine targets a narrow group comprising of the specific luxury consumer market. Advertisement is a method of communicating the brand history, personality, products, image and services that increase the visibility of the bands. Traditionally advertisements of superior brands usually appear in business publications, fashion magazines, high end publications and airline in-flight magazines focusing target audience1.

Watch: The Impact Of China’s One-Child Rule

1.Uche, Okonkwo,  Luxury fashion branding: trends, tactics, techniques (New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2007)

2. Sandra  Niessen,  Re-orienting fashion: the globalisation of Asian dress (Oxford:Berg Publishers 2003)

Some of the modern communication strategies are Push Trade promotion, Pull Customer promotion and Profile Stakeholder promotion. In push trade promotion the brand is promoted through traditional print advertising. The prospective customer gains knowledge about new brands from advertisements. In pull customer promotion, the prospective market is attracted to the brand through methods like internet promotional campaigns. In profile stakeholder promotion, the broad market is target through promotional methods (Okonkwo, U. 2007 p.144).

With the beginning of globalisation and increase in intercultural influences, digital media and international travel there has been a considerable change in the fashion consumption patterns. Cultural awareness through various media has led to increased need for overstated fashion. In the 1990s the luxury consumer market widened and matured with a fashion consumption that followed a global outlook inspired by factors such as globalisation, information technology, digital media and fashion magazines 3

The global media culture offers new vistas for identities and pleasures that re-define new fantasies, role models and novel cultural experiences. The changes in fashion media post globalisation paves way for the fragmentation of traditional identities and subjectivities and the evolution of new identities from multifarious and conflicting configuration of local, national, traditional and new global forces in vogue. Thus fashion media intersects the local and the global perspectives to produce new matrixes that legitimize the formation of hybrid identities. Therefore, the changes in fashion media can sometimes be oppressive and wipe away cultural identities and traditions and also offer new source to rework personal identity and empower individuals to act against traditional styles and forms to recreate more emancipated styles 4.

3. Uche, Okonkwo,  Luxury fashion branding: trends, tactics, techniques (New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2007)

4. John Benyon,  and David Dunkerley, Globalization: the reader (New York: Routledge, 2000)

The culture industry has led the fragmented identities to form synthetic models and consumer identities that create superficial changes to style and fashion that re-conceive traditional identities with respect to attitudes and looks that are opposed to fundamental choices, commitments and action. The postmodern personality that has evolved as a result of these changes does not make any fundamental choice and live on the surface totally lost to hyper-real media images becoming mere characters of postmodern carnival. Popular media sources that introduce the new identity are from North Americathat sets a trend not only of globalisation but also of Americanization.  Global popular figures like Madonna, Beavies, Rambo and other American personalities pose as seductive and symbolic models for followers and cultures that are imbibing new culture due to globalisation 5

Globalization of publication

Fashion media has undergone changes due to globalisation with mergers and collaborations of publications.  Chinese publishers cooperated with foreign magazine publications since 1981 to bring out regional editions. A significant influential copyright cooperation was the publication of ELLE in Shanghai in 1988. Another collaborative publication was between Hearst Corporation and Trends publication in 1998. Further, the Pictorial Press of China joined hands with VOGUE to publish Vogue China in August 2005. The current setting of the periodical market in China indicates that crucial competition is between native and foreign capital. To certain extent universal publishers that work together with Chinese publications envisage various areas of risk, danger and concern. In terms of globalisation, there should be common factors to integrate external business processes not just for profit and capital gain as the sole motto 6

5. John Benyon,  and David Dunkerley, Globalization: the reader (New York: Routledge, 2000)

6. Pin, Li, International Cooperation and Globalisation of the Magazine Industry in ChinaVol: 24, No.1, (2008) , 59-63

Globalization and the change to expensive commercials

TheNew Yorkbased Curious Pictures Corporation is a company that produces commercials. The president of the company, Stephen Oaks claims that a thirty second commercial requires six to twelve week for production and the average cost for such a short film is $120000 to $300000. The commercial is taken with intricacies like discussion with client for every frame because it has to influence people when it goes on air and has to be converted into business. A heavy amount is spent on advertising to grab a good share of the competitive market in the aftermath of globalisation.

Advertisers annually spend $8 to $10 billion for the production of TV commercials in theUnited States. Enterprises that use commercials are serious about the results of their daily publicity campaigns. If a commercial does not yield satisfactory returns then the advertising strategies are changed immediately. In case the commercial message does not deliver the specific information, it could be terminal for a fashion firm and the capital spent for the formulation of the product.

The Association of American Advertising Agencies states that an average individual is exposed to one thousand six hundred advertisements every day. The annual average advertisement viewed by an adult is 21000. Hundred largest American corporations pay for the approximately 75 percent commercial time on television and 50 percent public time on television 7

7. Joost Smiers,  Arts under pressure: promoting cultural diversity in the age of globalisation(New York: Zed Books 2003)

Globalization and cultural import to developed countries

While there is umpteen examples to indicate that fashion is being imported from developed countries to developing countries through mass media such as television, there is a reverse import of fashion from colonized and developing countries to developed nations like the United States. Though immigrants carry their culture to rich countries (McQuail, D. 2010 p.265), the desire to use a product from a poor nation symbolic of its culture is instigated by the media through marketing and advertising to fulfill the lifestyle needs of consumers. For example, the import of Indian fashion accessory such as the vermillion mark (bindi) and nose-ring into American fashion culture symbolizes that American women adopt these symbols as a fashion statement to imbibe exoticism and cosmopolitanism. These changes are indicators of the fashion media inducing commodification into the American market rather than it is viewed as a way of adopting multiculturalism 8

Mass media – promoting shopping as a fashion symbol

Consumerism is a significant cultural factor of globalisation induced by the fashion media. Western culture believes in acquiring material wealth, in enjoying a better lifestyle of consumption, possession and better services that contribute to sustainable economic development. These fashion and cultural value of consumerism is introduced to the South by means of advertisements. The fashion media post the globalisation era creates these needs in people by emphasizing novelty and fashion through advertisements that inject new social expectations, products and services 9.

8. Dennis McQuail, McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory (London: SAGE Publications Ltd, 2010)

9. Malcolm Payne,  and Gurid.Aga Askeland, Globalization and international social work: postmodern change and challenge (Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. 2008)

The media frames these factors as a symbolic event to entice consumers that consumerism is a significant social activity. The fashion media projects personal identity on the basis of a person’s lifestyle and to create an image in the society. Fashion and design are crucial factors for constant change and consumerism and to increase sales. Therefore these ideas need to be economically powerful for communication and entertainment media like the Internet and television to communicate fashion and innovative ideas at an ever increasing rate. Sophisticated communication technologies are influencing the customers to use advanced technology to copy the presentation and style of entertainment that are sometimes not affordable to the societies in the South 10.

The influence of fashion media on the dressing style of Middle East women

The Middle Eastis a very conservative society when it comes to women’s dressing. The government has curbed western influence in women’s dressing. However Middle Eastwomen now use clothing with western fashion to mark a political statement by blending the distinctive Islamic factor with western concepts. The Elle magazine has launched the Middle Eastern edition featuring a fusion of Western and Eastern fashion that cater to conservative clothing with a western touch. The fashion media has encouraged women in the region to have a fashion statement of their own in terms of colors and lengths that change every season 11.


10. Malcolm Payne,  and Gurid.Aga Askeland, Globalization and international social work: postmodern change and challenge (Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. 2008)

11. .Rachel. Treister, Negar 2006 Globalized Fashion a Political Statement in the Middle East: . (Accessed on November 28, 2011)

It is interesting to note that despite being highly traditional in terms of interpreting Islamic dress, Saudi Arabia has emerged to have access to high end luxurious designer wear and make up worn in female settings. Though the dress code is strict Saudi Arabia has surpassed the liberal Dubai in terms of German fashion product imports in the Middle East. This is by adjusting the fashion to Islamic standards that vary in size12

Globalization, mergers and acquisition of media firms

Besides the changes in content in the fashion media as a part of the globalisation there has been numerous mergers and acquisition of traditional fashion publications to keep in pace with the changing trends in readership and subscription. Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) is a hundred year old trade publication that published the production and retail clothing business of the Fairchild family. The market explosion in the American fashion industry in the sixties and seventies made WWD the fashion bible ofNew Yorkfor aristocrats, models, artists, party people and all who loved to wear great clothes. WWD then brought out a bi-monthly broadsheet called W in a glossy colorful newspaper format.

W transformed into a monthly magazine in 1993 with stories that ranged from fashion designers, decorators, celebrities, society restaurants as well as rich Europeans. From the mid to late 1990s the magazine was in its height and in 2000 it was sold to Conde Nast though the editorial team of WWD continued to work in W. In the recent years, the advertisements in the magazine dwindled and the W world comprising of luxury vacation lovers and luxury shoppers has shrunk indicating a significant decrease in the magazine’s readership 13.

12. Rachel. Treister, Negar 2006 Globalized Fashion a Political Statement in the Middle East:

13. W magazine and women’s wear daily divorce – big changes afoot for the ny fashion bibles.

The rumor that the magazine would fold finally substantiated and the magazine is to move completely from the Fairchild Fashion Group and be reconstructed and managed under the editorial direction of the Conde Nast.    The W magazine is set to wear a new look in line with their other magazines like Allure, Vogue or Glamour that are more consumer oriented 14


The media has had an international dimension like collecting news from different parts of the world and the distribution of movies in foreign countries. Till the beginning of globalization in the 1970’s most media companies operated in domestic market based on regulations from the respective governments. Print media, cinema, television and radio have had their share of independency in handling their job. After globalization profound changes have occurred in the media industry. Fluid global markets have taken over national markets and new technologies have given rise to the fusion of various types of media. In the beginning of the twenty first century the worldwide media market is dominated by around twenty multinational corporations with their presence in almost every nation of the world with production, marketing and distribution of entertainment and news. Media ownership rules are also relaxed to permit cross border acquisition and investment. In the post globalization context, the fashion media has undergone changes in content and structure to suit market demands that are in line with the globalization where money is the only factor that divides the consumer and consumption.


Network Marketing Magazine – Empower

The network marketing magazine Empower might just be the most powerful prospecting tool in network marketing.

Here are some thoughts from Matt Morris, President of Success University:

“While our previous lead-generation system we’ve meticulously developed for affiliates is top notch… we’ve found another approach that’s flat out proven to be the BEST LEAD-GENERATION METHOD in all of network marketing – it’s a runaway success virtually every-time it’s applied.

In our research, we discovered other companies in the network marketing industry were triggering EXPLOSIVE GROWTH through the use of 3rd party magazines like this network marketing magazine – as lead-generation tool.

These were professional magazines done in newsstand quality that have even been sold in bookstores.

These magazines didn’t merely offer ad space to present the opportunity of a company – No, their articles and stories were all about the company, explaining how the company started, its mission, its products and services, and how the home business opportunity of this company works.

The lush, full color, world-class writing and presentation of these magazines make the company come alive to the reader, and virtually sells him or her on joining the featured company in that particular issue. These magazines bring instant credibility to your business.

The Network Marketing Magazine – Empower

We worked day and night with the publishing company to give you the most impressive magazine they’ve ever done, Empower Magazine featuring Success University!

We’re especially thrilled that our particular issue of Empower magazine features articles by Suze Orman, host of the Suze Orman show on CNBC and author of best-selling books on personal finance and… John Maxwell, the internationally acclaimed leadership expert who’s trained over one million leaders worldwide.”

Listen to what Harland Stonecipher, Founder &President of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. has to say about using magazines to build his company…

“It’s a magic wand. This magazine is the best recruiting tool that I’ve seen in more than 30 years. With the magazine, anyone can do this business. In 2004 we recruited 107,000 new Associates. In 2005 we recruited more than 242,000 new Associates, a 125 percent increase, and we didn’t do anything different in 2005 than we did in 2004 other than the magic wand, the magazine.”

John Addison, Co-CEO of Primerica Financial Services says…

“The most powerful and best-selling tool in Primerica’s history.”

Angela Loehr Chrysler of National Companies, Inc. exclaims…

“You really cannot fail when you use this magazine as a recruiting tool unless you don’t promote it.”

Gary Raser, President of The Limu Company reports…

“The first month that the magazine was in our hands, sales/recruiting increased over 40 percent over the previous month.”

This network marketing magazine clearly get great reviews by all the big names in the network marketing industry. I think it might be worth having a second look at it.

Business Analyst Resume for Banking and Financial Domains

Essential Finance/banking knowledge a business analyst should possess for a BA job in finance domain,

A business analyst is involved in the preparation of the requirement documentation, analysis of the functional issues, supporting the project team throughout the project life cycle and successful delivery to the client. The basic skills which a business analyst aspiring for a BA job in the finance domain should have are:

a) Functional knowledge – the finance domain as such is huge and has immense potential for the right candidate to grow. There are several subsets of the finance industry wherein you can be in the banking industry, financial services or the finance or accounts department of a user company. Wherever be the financial job role be, the functional knowledge required is broadly the same. The requirements include the basic knowledge of financial accounting and management, understanding of the primary KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) if required, basic knowledge of the operations in the front and the back offices of the financial organization.

b) Management Skills – A prospective business analyst in the financial domain should have be proficient and experienced in people management, good communication and leadership skills, excellence in project and change management. As  a business analyst is a conduit between the users and the technical team, its vital that the BA has professional experience in handling such project teams and resources

c)Technical skills – Right from being brilliant in MS – Office tools such as Word, Excel, Access, Visio to being hands-on in the programming languages. A business analyst should be up to date in the latest technology trends and the software packages launched recently, so as to be capable of providing a viable and innovative solution.

d) Educational background – if the prospective business analyst candidate is from a management educational background or has had a finance related education.

In case of a financial industry like the banking domain, there are several types of banking   like retail, corporate, investment etc . The business processes of each of these industries are somewhat different and the business applications and other technology tools being used are also varied. We can discuss in the detail the knowhow required for the various categories here:

a) Retail Banking:basic know how required are the financial operations, payments and trade transactions, AML(Anti Money laundering), Fraud management

b) Investment Banking: functional experience in FX(Foreign Exchange) processes either Options or Cash, Front and back office operations, Hedge Funds and derivatives, Asset management, Risk management

c) Private Banking/Wealth Management : expertise in treasury or cash products, traded instruments, vendor management, regulatory requirements, related applications based on technologies or tools such as SWIFT, Basel II

So, in case financial organizations are interested in a business analyst to join their ranks, they will prefer that the business analyst will come to them with minimum of few years in a similar industry and preferably from a business analyst background. If so then, the business analyst can bring with him the perfect mix of technical know-how and domain knowledge specific to that industry.

Sample Resume for Financial and Banking Domain:





X years of Business Analysis experience with in-depth knowledge of business processes in banking and finacial industries. A thorough understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including but not limited to the various concepts such as Requirement Gathering, Experience in the development of Client-Server and Web-Based Applications. Possess a detailed-oriented nature with excellent communication, interpersonal, problem solving skills, and recognized for being a valued team player.

  • Proficient in all phases of Requirement Management, including gathering, analyzing, detailing and tracking requirements.
  • Experienced in documenting requirement using Unified Modeling Language (Use Case and Activity Diagrams) also building business Process Flow Charts using tools such as Visio and Rose.
  • Skilled at reviewing test cases making sure they are in accordance with requirements, and assist the overall testing process by activities such as Change and Defect Management and conducting User Acceptance Testing.
  • Strong understanding of various SDLC methodologies such as RUP, Waterfall and Agile with hands on experience in all of them.
  • Excellent communication skills and adept at facilitating walkthrough and training sessions.

Technical Expertise:

Operating Systems

MS Windows, DOS, UNIX


MS Access, SQL, Oracle

SDLC Methodologies

Rational Unified Process, Waterfall Methodology, Agile

Tracking Management Tools

TestDirector, Rational ClearQuest, ReqPro



Software Eng Tools

MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Dreamwaver.

Web Technologies


Modeling Tools

Rational Rose, MS Visio

Professional Experience:

Banking (company name)                                                                           duration

Sr. Business/Systems Analyst

xx Bank and Mortgage Company offers a full-range of mortgage products including conventional loans/fixed or variable rate; a variety of financing programs you may not find elsewhere; jumbo loans/fixed and variable rate; and innovative down payment, qualifying, and payment options. The bank used a vendor provided LoanQuest Residential Lending System for their Loan Origination purposes. It was a client – server based application. I was part of the maintenance and enhancement team working on multiple projects simultaneously.


  • Interfaced with stake holders and facilitated communication between client and the IT department.
  • Involved in creating targeted questionnaires and interviews for SME’s, clients and business users to gather requirements.
  • Involved in Feasibility and Risk Analysis to identify the business critical and high-risk areas of the application.
  • Worked as a liaison between business users and developers to submit requirements and changes, clarify questions and issues.
  • Extensively experienced for organizing and documenting requirements, preparing use cases, writing business documents and reports in Pre- Testing phase.
  • Developed data flow diagrams, illustrating the flow of data from the Legacy systems into the Application database Tables, along with checkpoints for testing / verification.
  • Prepared use case documents and utilized MS Visio to create UML diagrams including use case, activity and class diagrams to extract business process flows and workflows, thereby assisting development and quality assurance teams in understanding the requirements.
  • Worked on a team environment to finalize use cases to develop functional and detail design specifications of the application.
  • Participated in JAD sessions for requirement, feasibility and risk analysis with various stakeholders, including designers, developers, QA and management to identify critical and high risk areas of the application.
  • Collaborated with the QA team in reviewing and validating test plans and test cases, ensuring that the final application catered to the user requirements.
  • Developed a user acceptance test plan and test case scenarios to guide a select group of key end-users in testing the user interface and functionality of the application.
  • Performed requirement walkthroughs with the Dev. and QA teams with the aim to develop testing strategies and test plans such that test cases reflect user needs.
  • Worked extensively with MS office suite for preparing status reports.

3 differences between an SME Loan and a Business Loan

Even though business loans are considered to be a part of all the types of SME loans, there are a number of differences between the both. SME loans are offered to businesses to help them purchase new land or machinery to help their company grow and increase their profits. However, fundamentally, there are a number of factors which make a business loan differ from the other SME loans financial institutions offer. The three major differences between an SME loan and a business loan are:

Loan amount offered

Financial institutions offer business loan  to enterprise up to the amount of 35 lakhs. Other SME loans however provide higher amounts to businesses as loans between 5 to 10 crores. A business loan can be used by the business for any short term requirements. SME loans however are used to purchase machinery, land or equipment. This is why financial institutions offer higher amounts for SME loans.


The tenure for a business loan which is offered by a financial institution is roughly five years. The tenure for SME loans however range from 6 to 15 years depending on the type of loan chosen. Since the amount loaned is higher in the case of SME loans, enterprises are offered a longer tenure to help make the repayment of the loan easy. Small and Medium sized enterprises are given a longer duration so as to not financially pressure them and allow the repayment process to be simple.


All SME loans are secured while business loans are unsecured loans. Business loans offer a lower amount of finance and are hence an unsecured type of loan. SME loans  however offer a large amount as finance to small and medium enterprises. For a plant and machinery loan the plant or machinery purchased will be kept as security by the financial institution. In the case of medical equipment loans, the equipment which has been purchased by the company will be the security got the loan. For Property term loans, the plot of land purchased is kept by the financial institution until the loan has been repaid. Once the enterprise repays the loan in full, the financial institution will transfer the ownership to the enterprise. In cases where the loan cannot be repaid, the institution will simply sell the property, equipment or machinery to recover the loan amount.

A business loan is a short term unsecured source of finance. Enterprises should only use such a loan to help improve their business and not use the finance to repay bad debts or loans. Doing so will financially burden the company in future. Depending on the company’s financial needs, one can apply or any of the available loans with ease.

Grab Promising Result For Business With Business Trading Portal

Today’s business environment is becoming brutal day by day. It is becoming daunting and expensive as well to attain a unique position and competitive advantage. Thanks to the emerging technologies like business trading portal, which bring some innovative ideas and ways to make a strong foothold in the market. These portals provide various tools to create an effective online business presence. Now, organizations can build a strong position and unique identities for their firm and product/service. Companies can increase the marketing efforts to generate positive outcomes with indestructible branding strategies.  However, making that online presence is not a simple job. It needs so much effort, and of course some amount of time to receive the desired results.

If you are an emerging entrepreneur and want to promote your business to make it popular, increase sales and to grab the other profit, join hands with a dependable business trading portal. Recognizing the needs and difficulties of small scale firms, so many business to business portals have come into the light in the last few years. These trading portals are providing a number of online solutions to small scale firms, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, importer, exporters, etc. Business to business portals have gained tremendous growth and popularity in the past few years due to providing high returns within low investment. Moreover, most of the business trading portals are providing access to numerous online tools to companies for free of cost.

Business to business websites are providing a range of services and assistance like reliable and authentic online business directory listing, buying and selling opportunity, share business related news, e-commerce platform and many other support. Business trading portals simply connecting buyers and seller acquaintances from all across the globe and allow them to share useful business information and requirements at the platform. Since the platform is shared by the wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers & international traders of different domains, it enables them to meet easily, swap over their product specific details & provoke trade/sales leads. B2B is a global platform and highly beneficial for (SMEs) Small & Medium Enterprises along with prestigious corporate groups to gather online and heighten their businesses.

Someone looking to raise positive awareness of his/her company and product/service should find a reliable and a credible business to business website today. Among many, Eximdeals is also one of the top and highly prerequisites India based online trading platform one can register themselves with to grab all the online benefits easily. They are providing an extensive, dominant & dynamic e-commerce environment to their member and enable registered users to make as much profit as they can reap. This online platform is open for all entrepreneurs of all domains to process fruitful business online. It is easy to create a strong and an excellentonline business presence with the Exim global community. Apart from the free business listing service and access of various online marketing tool, you also have access to some paid service that is also affordable. Depending upon your needs and budgetary concern, you can buy packages like premium, gold, or silver to create worldwide visibility, get potential buyers and many other benefits.

Conclusion – If you are looking to captivate potential buyers or sellers and worldwide visibility, no need to look further than business trading portal. These portals are popular for providing promising online business presence along increased sale, other positive responses.

Improve Business Environment With Special Economic Zone

A special economic zone is a  geographical region  which has more liberal economic laws to function as free trade and Warehousing  zone to render manufacturing, research and development services. The stated purpose for creating SEZ is to provide internationally  competitive hassle free environment  to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) within the whole country and generate employment. The government of India in April 2000  announced the introduction of SEZ (Special Economic Zone), deemed to be foreign territory for the purpose of trade operation, duties and tariffs. Special economic zones enjoys complete exemption from custom duties, income taxes, sales taxes and service taxes. Countries which have experimented with this concept are China, UAE, Malaysia, India,  Jordan, Poland,Kazakhstan, Philippines, Russia and to some extent North Korea.

Introduction of SEZ ‘s in India

India was among the earliest countries in the Asia to understand the concept  and potential of EPZ ( Export Processing Zone) in order to strengthen its export.  The first ever EPZ was established at Kandl, Gujarat. The main objective behind this was to overcome the outcome the shortfalls arising due to multiple clearances and controls, unbalanced fiscal step-ups, lack of international standard infrastructure and drawing more foreign direct investment (FDI).With the SEZ policy, Indian government wished to provide local companies with proper scope for competing on global scale. The SEZ policy was introduced to help with increasing the levels of economic activity and provide more job opportunities.

Since these special economic zones attract investments,  generate export revenues and produce manufacturing jobs  they actually are given  income tax exemptions FDI is permitted through automatic  route. It also provides immense employment opportunities. This also provides  a large number of indirect employment in terms of  labor needed. It also has an ability to provide direct employment required in relevant industries. SEZ have drastically improved the economic activity within the whole country. However, there are number of challenges  that special economic zone is  accused of  like bringing down the agricultural activities. SEZ is ought to be properly managed for rapid economic growth for profitable and sustainable development. Other benefits involves no requirement of import license, easy exemption from custom duties and central excise duties. The special economic zones brings capital to country in form of FDI which is definitely necessary for improving economic sector of the country. This involves  complete utilization of talent  in order to  improve the level of economic activity. This has to be properly managed for rapid development that leads to sustainability of country. Liberal policies and regulations will attract foreign investments and other major industries.

5 reasons why your global business cannot do without official document translation services

Globalization is making it easier for businesses to enter foreign markets and sell their products and services to an entirely new audience. If you are planning to take a leap into the international market, it is important to ensure that your target audience understands your products and services and your brand message. Only then will they be able to trust you as a brand and buy your services. A professional translation company can help you achieve this by translating all your business documents in the language of the target audience. Here are few of the many things an official translation agency is adept at:

Multiple Services: A professional translation agency can provide a wide range of services right from document translation, website translationand technical translationto legal translations. They have specialists to provide effective translations for almost all industries including the technical, medical, academic, marketing as well as the advertising sectors to name only a few.

Expertise: A professional translation agency will have a team of expert translators and linguists who are well versed in the target as well as source language. These professionals have expertise in the specific area of your business. They understand your market, competitors and customers and can assure the highest quality in their services. They have a significant experience of working in your industry and are therefore familiar with all the aspects of a perfect translation.

Language Consistency: A professional translation company can help you with language standards, terms and terminologies, setting industry specific glossaries and defining the style and tone of language for your target audience. Thus, they can ensure a consistent translation that matches the highest standards in the industry and meets the specific requirements of the consumers.

Specialization: Professional translators have in-depth knowledge of the subject, industry specific keywords, terms and terminologies and business glossaries. You should have adequate knowledge about the subject in order to ensure a high quality, accurate and consistent translated document. Professional translators are trained in specific fields and work in their own areas of specialization. This ensures that they create copies with minimum chances of errors and gaffes. They are familiar with industry jargons and recent developments in the specialized industry.

Deadlines: Professional translation companies know that the failure to meet the deadline can have serious ramifications. These translators make sure that they take up projects with feasible deadlines and ensure the completion of the project within these deadlines.

Evolution of Global Business: The importance of Russian Language Translation Services

Language translation is the process of transforming a document or a piece of text from a source language into the target language. The process is done by a professional language translator, someone who has had the qualification and training for such translation projects.

Russia has become a major supplier of natural resources, which has resulted in the increase in the demand of Russian specialists for different International industrial projects. Moreover, as business becomes globalised, a variety of industries have begun utilising the resources and talent found within the Russian language region. Hence, Russian language began to play an important part in communication between shareholders, partners and technical personnel and hence quality translation and interpretation is more crucial than ever before.  Therefore, it is important that the quality of the translations in Russian language should be of high standard in order to create right perception.

Further, due to the vast physical size of Russia and existing telecommunications infrastructure, there has been an increased access to the internet in Russia and that has lead to increase the interest in online shopping. In this context, localised and translated content has helped foreign organisations to access the Russian speaking population. Businesses aware of the advantages of translation services have their websites translated into the Russian version and they are targeting more customers with a level of loyalty associated with their brand. For, people tend to prefer their native language more than other languages, when it comes to choosing a service or product as they get accurate and precise information through the translated text or contents.

Documents translated from or into Russian might be for marketing, or they might relate to a negotiation or proposal. In any of these cases, the chances are that they contain important information and must create a professional impression. Furthermore, business culture in Russia is supported by close personal relationships. Therefore networking, trust, and personal friendship are crucial to successful business. Given the size of the country, it is also important to be aware of the variations in culture and customs that may exist from region to region. Besides, management style, business greetings, meetings and negotiations, etc, are some factors that are crucial for a successful business.

The above mentioned points are really imperative and need to be covered, for anyone trying to venture into the Russian marketplace. No doubt, in order to meet all these aspects the decision to use a certified and reputed Russian Translation Service is inevitable.

I Search Click Website Business Directory

business directory website directory search engine optimization

Many of us would like to be our own employer and own business because owning business means our income will depends on the effort that we put to it. Unlike working for others, no matter how hard one is working, he or she will just get a fixed income. Owning business will give one satisfaction as he or she will be able to do what he or she enjoys most.

However starting a business is not easy because one will need to get a lot of contacts. One of the easiest way to get the business contacts is by using the business directory. Even if you are not looking for business partners or contacts, business directory is the easiest way to find information like contact numbers, addresses, services offered from different type of business service providers.

Usually business directory are part of the phone directory, usually named as the Yellow Pages, but with more and more people are using internet as their primary search tools, business directory providers are also slowly migrating to have the online version of thebusiness directory.

Online business directory is simple to use because one will not need to flip over pages searching for the business contact that he or she wanted. Example of online business directory is like I Search Click Business Directory and this business directory is easy to use.

The online business directory consists of wide range of business categories like accommodation, real estates, entertainment to computers and internet. One can even find information by using the search box provided, so using online business directory is definitely easier than using the Yellow Pages.

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SME Directory of Malaysia, Malaysia Business Portal – Cached
SME Business Directory is a one stop SME information portal and Malaysia business directory for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Government Funds / Financing … – Products & Services – Banking & Finance – SEO
Malaysia Super Pages – Cached
Malaysia Super Pages business directory online edition. Find up-to-date listings with contact information, profile, advertisement, email and web addresses.
Industrial – Electronics, Electrical Appliances – Construction, Decoration …
Malaysia Yellow Pages
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Find online Yellow Pages business listings, phone numbers, addresses, maps and more in the Malaysia Yellow Pages.

Distinctive Features Of An Online Business Directory

A business directory is a single most important tool to locate the businesses you are looking for. However, it’s the online version which is very popular and has, in fact, overshadowed the directories in the print format. The online business directory has many features which remove the limitations of the printed version. Some of the differentiating features are:

1. Huge data categorization: The data that can be organized in online business directory and is not limited to the number of pages.

2. More customer-friendly: It is more user-friendly in which a person can easily know how to look into it. It also offers a self-help guide to sift through the information it contains.

3. Multiple basis of categorization at one source: The same data can be arranged on different basis. For example, the data can be arranged on the basis of:
a) Users:  Adult Directory, Kids and Teens Directory, etc.
b) Articles/Items: Computers Directory, Games Directory, etc.
c) Functions: Health Directory, Science Directory, Sports Directory, etc.
d) Area: Regional directory, Society Directory, Continent based or country based, etc.
However, the printed version may be having one or two categories of arrangement only.

4. Easy to retrieve and add data: You can simply enter the keyword in the ‘Search’ area and this will bring forth the related information in front. But, in the published business directory, you have to first sift through the index, go to the page, and then locate the listing. Further, the updating can be done on a daily basis rather than on weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

5. Open to far greater customer base at the international level: One site is open for viewing for unlimited customer base. On the contrary, the printed version has to be published and distributed to a limited number of customers only.

6. Cost effective: Online versions do not entail publishing, distribution costs, and have lower overheads.

7. Eco-friendly: Just imagine the number of pages used by the printed business directory and relate these to the number of trees felled. Therefore, the online directory is a far better alternative.A business directory is essentially a tool of promotion. The online listed entities can also be linked to their individual sites to give an in depth glimpse of their products and services. The promoters of these directories make revenues by way of fixed yearly charges, developing individual sites for the listed entities as an additional service, sharing their data with other directories and providing additional features like banners, running ads, etc, to enhance the visibility. To inspire confidence among their customers and to maintain the credibility and authenticity of their information, these directories may also be providing the service of verification of the listed entities.

Due to these unique features, multiple benefits, flexibility, and widespread usage, numerous online business directories are now existent on the World Wide Web. These are both general, related to multiple areas, and very specific, catering to specialized, niche segments. Thus, if you have access to a computer and an Internet connection, it is better to log on to online directories to get the latest updated databases.

Business Quiz at IPER-UG Bhopal

The “Business Standard Magazine” organized a Quiz Contest on Awareness of Business Worldat our IPER College in September 2015. They wanted to know that the students of our IPER college have knowledge about our business world or not. This quiz is especially conducted for UG (Undergraduate) students of our college. On 4th September 2015, written tests were conducted on various topics and ask to students about Branding, Business leaders and Business related questions. And on 7th September results were announced. This contest is separately held for different UG courses and number of students participated in this quiz are-

This complete quiz was arranged by the team of Business Standard magazine- Mr. Abhishek Tiwari, Mr. Gopi Yadav and Mr. Anil Gurjar. They all are the experts of Sales and Market Development. The quiz includes around 50 questions and students have to attempt these questions in 45 minutes. After the test session was over, our UG faculties and the team of Business Standard Magazine started checking of answer sheets.

The officers of the magazine were really amazed from our IPER students. The reason behind that, our IPER students scores more marks than any other college of Madhya Pradesh. It means students know about the business world and what’s going on in it. In this quiz, lots of students participated and the total was beyond the expectations of our IPER faculties and the team of magazine.

The most amazing fact is that, 2 or more than students got good marks and comes under the category of merit. As well as, they were eligible for awards and certificates which were given by the officers of Business Standard Magazine.

On 7th September 2015, the award distribution program was started by our IPER UG faculty “Ms. Gazal Sharma”. After that, she invites our guests of Business Standard Magazine officers. Then, Mr. Abhishek Tiwari (Officer- Business Standard magazine) announces the names of students who score good marks in the Quiz. As well as, he was really impressed by our IPER students that they did very well in the quiz among all of the MP colleges.

How Online Magazine Subscription Works To Escalate Your Business?

Human beings have the vital instinct of inquisitiveness. This inquisitiveness prompts us to know more about the known or unknown things. Our present world is marked with stiff competition amongst ourselves in order to know more. Business is a sphere where competition has reached its climax. To stay ahead in the competition means more like, to stay ahead of time in terms of knowledge and information.

Sources of information are enumerable, out of which, magazine is one of the most effective and beneficial sources. Through this source, you can get the latest information with pictures and illustrations about the prevailing economy, politics, fashion and other trends. There are different genres of magazine and you have to pick those that deal with your interested field.

The followings are the factors of how online magazine subscription enhances business.

Today, almost everyone is preoccupied with round-the-clock schedules on one hand and on the other, due to availability of options of services, we always search for convenience in everything. Magazine subscription brings you the comfort way of receiving magazine issues. You don’t need to go to stalls or news stands to get a copy of your favorite magazine as it will be regularly delivered to your doorstep. Apart from getting discounts in magazine subscription, you don’t need to get busy with the hassle of monthly payments as you can make one shot payment or installment payments once you make the subscription. Therefore, magazine subscription can save time and money for you and you can spend more time and money on your business by saving them in availing information.

In present business scenario, things are constantly changing and it is necessary to keep up with up to date information to know what exactly is going on in your business industry. Subscribing specific trade publication that suits your business will help you acquire the in depth knowledge about your trade and business environment, what your competitors are up to and make executive decision with confidence.

Your required information will be delivered to you electronically, to your home and office, which means that you will be well informed wherever you are. So there will be no slackness in your business know-hows in terms of time and space.

Everyday, there is steady extension of new ideas regarding technology, demand, competition, etc. These ideas make a company stays within the competition. These magazines will feed you regularly with these new ideas which will help you enhance your creativity. Staying ahead in terms of information and ideas will make your business more successful than that of other’s.

Online magazine subscription services company also provides order processing and business solutions for magazine subscription agents. And these magazine clearing housesprovide the agents with list of magazines at low wholesale price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Debt Factoring

Debt factoring takes place when a business sells its accounts receivable to a specialized finance company known as a factor. The receivables are sold at a discount and the factor has the responsibility of collecting the outstanding amounts. This is also referred to as accounts receivable financing or factoring.

This type of arrangement is used by many businesses to improve cash flow and shorten the cash cycle. The business receives immediate cash from the factor and does not have to handle the collections process. Before entering into a debt factoring agreement, there are several key advantages and disadvantages to consider.

The primary benefit of debt factoring is that it provides a quick method of financing. Instead of waiting to receive cash from customer accounts receivables, the factor pays the business immediately. This can be important if the business needs cash to pursue future growth or expansion. It can also be a viable alternative for business wary of taking on debt or issuing equity to raise capital.

Another key benefit is that cash flow is improved and the cash cycle is shortened. The amount of time it takes a business to turn cash to goods to cash is accelerated. This fast turnaround may allow the business to take on additional customers or purchase additional inventory.

Protection from bad debts is a potential benefit. This would only apply if the business has entered into a non-recourse factoring agreement. Under this type of agreement, the factor assumes the risk of bad debts. In other words, if a customer account cannot be collected, the factor must absorb the loss.

Cost effective collections is another potential benefit. The business does sell the accounts receivable at a discount, but it also hands off the entire process of accounts receivable collections. The business has effectively outsourced the process which can save valuable time or reduce the number of employees needed for back office work.
On the other side of the equation, debt factoring does carry a number of distinct disadvantages. The primary disadvantage is the cost. Under a factoring agreement, the factor purchases accounts receivable at a discount. Depending on the discount percentage, a factoring agreement may imply a higher cost of capital. This cost must be compared to the cost of other methods of financing which are available to the business.

A second disadvantage is that when a business works with a factor, they are introducing an outside influence into their business. Since the factor will be responsible for collecting accounts receivable and may be responsible for amounts which cannot be collected, they may try to influence sales practices. This can include attempts to influence sales policies and timing, as well as the customers that a business with deal with.

Bad debt liabilities are a potential disadvantage. This would be applicable if the business has entered into a resource factoring agreement. Under this type of arrangement, the business is responsible for any amounts that cannot be collected from customers. The discount rate at which the factor purchases the accounts is usually lower, but this must be considered in light of potential charges for uncollectible accounts.

Customer relations are a final potential disadvantage. Since a third party will now deal directly with customers to collect amounts owed, this can negatively impact their perception of the business. This is especially true if the factor engages in aggressive or unprofessional practices when collecting accounts.

Debt factoring represents a complex business agreement. It usually requires a long term contract and the modification of some current sales practices. When evaluating whether debt factoring is a good choice for a business, both advantages and disadvantages must be weighed to make an informed descision.

Courses for Top Online Accounting Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs in Accounting are very beneficial for those who desire to advance their accounting skills. Top Online Certificate Programs in Accounting provide fundamental skills set for prospective accountants and for those interested in supplementing their existing career. Pursuing top accounting certificate programs will also enhance your employment opportunities in this industry.

What You will learn from Top Accounting Certificate Programs

Enrolling in an Online Certificate Program in Accounting allows students to pursue careers in numerous settings such as large corporations, non-profit organizations and public sectors. In order to enroll in Top Accounting Certificate Programs students usually need a high school diploma or its equivalent. Students will learn the basic accounting theory, technical expertise of the profession, fundamentals of financial statements, investments, auditing, taxation, commercial law and liabilities.

Board Room

Required Courses for Accounting Certificate Programs

Students enrolled in top Accounting Certificate Programs typically learn how to integrate technology with today’s method of computer-based accounting methods. Students will be equipped with the skills required to use technological-based spreadsheets, databases and Internet resources. Students enrolled in accounting certificate programs generally take following courses:

Accounting Principles

Cost Accounting

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Global Accounting

Accounting For Non-Business Organizations

Income Tax Accounting

Accounting Software

Fraud Examination

Business Finance

Business Law And Taxation

Advance Accounting

Corporate Finance

Analysis Of Financial Statements

Corporate Finance

Certificate in Accounting CPA Exam Preparation

The CPA examination is the pinnacle that any accountant can achieve in his education. Preparing for the CA involves loads of learning and training. The Certificate in Accounting CPA Exam preparation prepares the students in all the educational requirements necessary to sit for the CPA examinations. Top accounting college, Post University, offers this accelerated accounting certificate.

Certificate in Finance

Finance professionals are the ones who help any business to raise capital, invest money, manage assets and earn profits. The Certificate Program in Finance will provide you with up-to-date knowledge and skills required for thriving and flourishing as finance professional. The course is available in a flexible online form too. After completing the course, you can get employment as a financial or investment manager or as a financial analyst.

Finance professionals are the ones who help any business to raise capital, invest money, manage assets and earn profits. The Certificate Program in Finance will provide you with up-to-date knowledge and skills required for thriving and flourishing as finance professional. The course is available in a flexible online form too. After completing the course, you can get employment as a financial or investment manager or as a financial analyst.

Understanding Singapore’s Business Environment

Understanding Singapore’s Business Environment

Are you planning to incorporate a company in Singapore?

While Singapore company incorporation is an easy application process, it is essential that you study the business environment because there are several factors that will affect the outcome of your decision.

These include the political, economic, social, technological, legal and ecological environments in which you will incorporate your Singapore company.

Here is a business environmental analysis that will help you familiarise with Singapore’s business environment and facilitate a smooth company incorporation and operation.


Political Environment

The political structure of a country inevitably affects the way a business operates, as it is the political regime that will enact laws, sets regulations and policies.

Singapore’s parliamentary democracy system is well known for creating a stable and orderly government. The government provides first-rate efficiency and excellence in the public service sector, ensuring that any local or foreign individual wishing to incorporate a company can efficiently conduct business without red tape and bureaucratic delays.

Singapore is also renowned for its extremely low corruption levels within the government and it system.

Creating a pro-business environment with favourable tax laws and funding offers for business ventures has seen consistently ranked Singapore ranked as one of the best places to do business in the world.

It is also tanked as one of the most competitive nations and has several initiatives supportive of business start-ups.

Anyone can incorporate a company in Singapore. If you’re a foreign entrepreneur, all you need is to obtain an Employment Pass or EntrePass to incorporate a company.

Economic Environment

The economic trends of a country are very influential over business operations.

Singapore’s economy has shown continued resilience against most global crisis, and has rebounded with a record 13 per cent growth from the recent global economy downturn.

This rebound not only showed that the Singapore’s forward-looking and alert damage-control measures are always in place and working, it also shows the potential of even bigger growth in Asia’s top leading financial market.

Here are some economic indicators that will help you forecast possible future movement of the economies:

• Potential customer’s spending power

• Potential supplier’s pricing

• Interest rate

• Consumer price index

• Retail sales index

• Wholesale and manufacturing indices

• Inflation rate

• Exchange rate

Singapore’s economical policies on national income, labour market, productivity, investment commitment, and external trade are also consistently fine-tuning their plans to adjust to a dynamic and changing Asian market in order to meet business growth.

Social Environment

Successful enterprises often leverage on developed and integrated social communities. The education level of a people, work habits, culture, leisure activities and the role of women in the workforce will affect the viability of a business entity.

Singapore boasts one of the most competitive and well-educated workforces in the world, and it is renowned for its efficiency.

Its multi-cultural and cosmopolitan society makes it extremely easy for international and regional investors to set up headquarters in Singapore as a starting point to reach into the Asian market.

The Singapore government’s “Live, work and play” motto ensures that a variety of businesses can successfully operate in their chosen industries, with the right human resource boosting business growth.

Technological Environment

Singapore, described as a “plug and play” nation, is ranked number three as the most wired national in the world, and the most wired in Asia, with a broadband network that reached 99 per cent of the population.

Singapore’s electronics, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries are the leading boomers of both national and regional economy.

In the past few years, the country has been the leading innovator to set up several technological research institutes to build better and greener business infrastructure.

Technological advances have led to fast turnaround times for both retailers and consumers, hassle-free financial transactions, as well as the creation of new products at competitive prices.

The World Economic Forum ranked Singapore among the top 10 in the world for network readiness in 2002.

Legal Environment

Government statutes that oversee commerce, manpower, and other business-related areas are important to business owners.

Singapore has a compliance act that has to be strictly followed and entrepreneurs must abide by government laws on working hours, minimum wages, industrial production and taxation.

Business compliance includes the Employment Act, Taxation Act and the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Act.

The various taxes paid by businesses such as sole proprietorship, companies and GST have a direct impact on firms.

Ecological Environment

A long with technological advances, Singapore’s push to integrate green technology into its society has reaped many benefits.

Environmentally-friendly infrastructure such as Fusionopolis, ION, Orchard Central are some of the recent landmark achievements in the nation’s attempt to reduce its carbon footprint.

The government is has also laid out plans to build institutes dedicated to researching green technology and growing a pool of local talents to focus on improving business infrastructure while protecting the environment.

Mass Rapid Transit – Singapore’s public transport system, utilises electricity to run, and a plan has been launched to integrate the use of solar energy in SMBs and domestic households.

An Anti-Pollution act is also in place to oversee the impact of growing industries in Singapore.

Technology Management is Essential in Today’s Business Environment

7c4e8ab0-b5c2-4b87-9df8-92ff682880b2.jpgSay the words “technology management”, and some people have a look of puzzlement on their faces – they have no idea what the term means.  Basically, technology management follows the same course as other strategies applied in the workplace in order to further the success and sustainability of a company or organization:  Planning, organizing, staffing, implementing and monitoring/evaluation.  The one difference is that in technology management, you add the “technology” factor to the mix.

Nearly every individual today knows that technology is meant to make life simpler and more streamlined.  Today, information technology management allows companies to make their business more competitive by utilizing available information technology resources.  Corporations and companies of all sizes benefit through information technology management, as managers and business owners discover effective ways to utilize technology so that the operation and standing of the company is improved in a competitive business environment.  Technology management is necessary in all divisions, including marketing and communications, development of products, process innovations and reporting efficiency.  Through these strategies, companies are able to create value and remain competitive with a cutting-edge advantage.

Information technology management can be useful in all levels of business, from online websites and internal business functions to management of daily activities in the workplace.  In the corporate environment, information technology management assists owners and managers in determining the markets they choose to operate in.  Most businesses today have an online presence in the form of a website; those in technology management can set up such a presence, making ordering materials and other goods easier and efficient.  In any business setting, forecasting production and projecting sales is essential; information technology also becomes useful in this sense, since many companies use software to create this data.

In any type of technology management, it is essential that an individual or team take responsibility for implementing and developing strategies that are functional, efficient and designed to make the everyday tasks of business easier and more efficient.  At this point, efficient technology management requires that employees and management understand how these processes work, and how to use them in the most productive manner.  In today’s business environment most tasks, communications and projects are made simpler due to the ease of transfer of information between departments and individuals.  This means that good technology management often does away with time-wasting, needless activities that essentially cost the company money.

In the workplace, it’s easy for productivity and efficiency to suffer; time necessary to complete tasks and projects can be drastically reduced, resulting in an impact to the bottom line.  Good technology management often results in an improvement in all aspects of business, including finance, accounting, research and development and human resources.  Various software applications, programs and computers increase the productivity of individual employees, making many processes automatic, accurate and more efficient.  In order to remain competitive in the business environment and stand apart from direct competitors, efficient technology management is an essential investment.

The role of Arabic Translation Services in today’s global business market

The world today led by globalisation and liberalisation have shrunk the business world into a single business society functioning together with enormous opportunities for business owners across the globe. With the ever increasing importance of the Middle East in the forum of international trade and affairs, there exists a high demand for quality Arabic Translation Services. No doubt, businesses have begun to realise the value that business translations bring to the table.

Businesses in this Middle East region centers on oil and it is predicted that the demand for oil will be doubled by the year 2030. The region is one of the richest when it comes to oil and gas reserves. Many of the largest oil companies in the world are based in the Middle East region in the countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, etc. With oil all set to be high in demand, so is the demand for translation into and from Arabic. Arab countries are an essential part of world trade but the people of these countries speak Arabic only. Thus, there is need for Arabic Translation services, if you wish to target any of the Arab countries for your business purposes.

Moreover, there is more and more political news appearing from the Middle East and Arab region highlighting the increasing significance of Arabic legal translation that is now enjoyed by the business world. Arabic language, thus, is reaching a larger audience than before thereby making its translation desirable and important.

When it comes to the business culture, Middle East enjoys a completely different and to some extent a conservative culture compared to liberal culture of the west. Thus, it is important that your business advertisements should also be conservative in content and appearance and does not present any social values or situation that contradict with Arab culture. Therefore, messages should place more emphasis on the quality and functionality of the product.

It is evident from the above points that in order to conduct your business effectively in Arabic speaking world, you must understand the language and culture of your Arab counterparts, with whom you will be negotiating and trading. If you wish to target the Arabic market place make sure that you have selected such Arabic translation service provider that offer quality document translation and uses a pool of capable translators that have expertise in the industry sectors and hold knowledge of the local culture.

Excellon Software’s Global Business Transformation Solution for Royal Enfield

One of the world’s oldest and most prestigious motorcycle manufacturer – Royal Enfield – recently decided to update its dealership network for improved management of operations and overall customer satisfaction. The challenge was in the sheer scale of operations for Royal Enfield, with over 300 locations spread across the length and breadth of the country. Moreover, these locations where some company owned while the rest were owned by private dealers.

This was further compounded by the fact that the company owned outlets used an SAP solution while those who were outside this network did not use any unified DMS solution. Either they were using different ones each, or did use one at all. This caused a great deal of hassle in putting together accurate reports on sales, booking, services and warranties.

Lack of a unified system across the network meant it was difficult for customers to track their bookings, manage payments and secure warranty claims. Because the systems in different dealerships did not talk to one another, moving from one place to another for a Royal Enfield customer became cumbersome, as vehicle related data did not move with him.

The bigger challenge in implementation of the DMS solution was that the company was in a transformational phase and was looking to turn around its business prospects. With the company in transition mode, implementing a global transformational change was fraught with its own complexities.
And finally, there was the element of being able to customize the solution to meet overall as well as individual dealer aspirations. There needed the right balance of robustness and flexibility in the system such that it was possible for all the components to acclimatise and accept the system.

Keeping in view the complex and wide ranging requirements, Excellon implemented a solution that had unified operations module with customer management leveraging layer with a common master data component for the complete dealership network and company owned outlets. Secondly, the backend SAP was integrated with the Excellon DMS for real time information flow using innovative Integration Engine of Excellon DMS.

The Low bandwidth requirements and rule based engine of Excellon DMS handled diverse requirement with ease and the solution was deployed on the Royal Enfield’s on premise data centre with Broadband connectivity for dealers.

This took care of each of Royal Enfield’s pre-on boarding requirements and has since helped the company take on a higher growth curve with improved operational strength and greater customer satisfaction.

Get Started With Your Just Dial Directory Website

Technology is changing and is growing by leaps and bounds. As we are all living in a virtual world so if you have ever thought of expanding your business worldwide then it would be better if you move your business online to give it’s a virtual presence and brand your business online. For offline business owners, success in online business would be possible only through taking their business online.

Getting online can be a little daunting task for business owners who were offline. In this present era it is difficult for any business to prosper offline. It is essential to get your name on the World Wide Web. Today where the world is ruled by the internet, the importance of online business directories or just dial business portals have increased. The increasing popularity of these business portals has also gradually augmented the tendency of business owners to start with their own business directory websites.

There was a time when a website design and development was necessary in order to develop and design a website. But in recent time anyone can easily develop their own website as per his/her business categories. No technical knowledge is also necessary. So, are you thinking of starting your own business directory portal? If Yes, then definitely you can develop your own Just Dial Clone website today. For development of your own directory website no coding knowledge is necessary.

It is simply plug & play. By just a few clicks a stunning, beautifully designed website will be online. Thus, this website will help a business owner to generate a recurring revenue stream for any business. So, it will be easy for beginners and experts. You can easily start with your own directory portal with the help of just dial directory script. The script is highly customizable and can be tailored as per the business requirements of buyers.
This ready-made script for just dial comes with a complete economic package. The product is developed with specific features and functionalities. Some of the key features are:

  • Unlimited listing as per state/LGA/City
  • Supports Multi-language
  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Unlimited image upload
  • Single domain license

Besides the above features the PHP based product, has an easy to use interface which can assist any person to set up his own business directory portal. It has proven to be highly beneficial for buyers who are looking forward to set up their own business directory portal and start generating income.

Some major benefits are:

  • Create your own type of business directory
  • Free, upgraded paid listings are fully automated for your users
  • Visitors to your business directory will be able to submit their own business listings

So, to grow your businesses allows visitors to submit their own business listings. The local search engine script will therefore help to develop a business directory portal similar to just dial by just a few clicks of the mouse. And the buyer can be the boss of his own website, run it from any place at anytime 24/7.

Basic information about Online Business Directory

Online business directories are a very popular place to advertise a business. It is a website in which links to information are organized into a categorical, alphabetical ranking to provide the best results to a search query. Most businesses post their links to a business directory in order improve search engine ranking and get more traffic to their site. By creating your own business directory online, you can generate a good income, improve your search engine ranking, and get links back to your site. Getting links back to your site from other web sites will increase your ranking and therefore increase traffic to your own site.

How to Start an Online Business Directory

It is easy to start your own online business directories . To get businesses to add their link, you should first offer it as a free service. This will help you build up your business links, acquire traffic, and boost your search engine ranking. It is important that a back link is posted.

If you do not have the technical ‘know how’ to create a database design or the money enlist the services of web designer to create one, you can just use some basic html static web pages. Search engines such as Google will allow visitors to search your directory.

Creating and running a profitable  directory is easy. It takes patience and time to begin to make a profit. In the mean time, you will be generating traffic to your site, boosting your search engine ranking, and improving sales of your product or service from your existing website.

PHP is a really very popular scripting language which is especially developed for experienced web site development. One of the hardest and most substantial characteristics in PHP is its support for a broad range of databases. There are several business web sites on which organization has to book online appointments by the consumers. Appointment setting scripts are not about revealing benefits and features.

The Importance of an Online Business Directory

Directories are the best places for your companies to get free one way links to your website.  It is indeed a one stop source for products, promotions, news & events. Listing in an directory will take your business to the next level.

One of the main advantages of using online business directories is that you can advertise your products not only to local customers but also to global customers. Also through it you can target the right audience by submitting your website in the right category. You also get the opportunity of posting various promotional offers. To keep track of the market, and offers news alerts.

Tips to Promote Your Online Business Directory

The success of any business depends in a large part on how well you promote the business. This is also true for online business directories. One should set at least an hour a day actively promoting their directory.

5 Excellent Business Magazines for The Kindle

If you recently acquired the Kindle from Amazon or are on the lookout for cool business magazines to add to the digital reader, below we present five business magazines for the Kindle. Each issue is an established source of information, insight and on topics of interest to business owners, business managers and or business majors.

Have a look at our selections and feel free to chime in below in the comment area and let us know which business magazines we missed, that should be on the list.

1. Entreprenuer – the granddaddy of business magazines, this is the one that is a must on your download list. You can get the latest issue ahead of time for being a digital subscriber, plus view and read some of the best tips and tricks in the field of business.

2. Inc – an informative read for small business owners that covers various topics including marketing, management, operations and revenue. This magazine has been around quite a while and fosters a sense of community among new and established entreprenuers.

3. Fast Company – a newer entry in the business magazine field, Fast Company is a entertaining and innovative read. You’ll see articles that mention new media such as Twitter, Facebook, blogging, videos and what Google is up to. This one is a must in your business magazine arsenal.

4. Fortune – this offering is for those who seek stories on larger than life business owners that have taken the entreprenuerial world by storm. Pieces on billionaires such as Sir Richard Branson, queen of all media Oprah and or the newest billionaire on the block – Mark Zuckerberg of the hugely successful and wildly popular Facebook fame. Whichever charismatic personality you’re into, this magazine covers them all and more.

5. Forbes – this magazine is known for their annual issue that names the richest people in business, and is usually a big seller. Aside from the annual issue, the magazine covers topics business owners would be interested in such as the latest news locally and from around the world. A good pick for you if you’re curious about how much the worlds best entrepreneurs make and how they made it.

Since with the Kindle, you’re able to take your reading anywhere and everywhere, a good selection of magazines to read during downtime or simply a nice leisurely read, the business magazines above should do the trick.

Be sure to select the Kindle edition of the magazines and not the print edition, then download to your Kindle device. Keep in mind that a Kindle edition of a magazine doesn’t contain every pic and graph found a print edition. Every month you’ll get the latest edition to devour and hopefully get inspired by.

Real Estate Business Magazine India

Real estate is in full bloom in India and with each passing more and more foreign players and companies are pouring in. Prior beginning with your real estate investment it is wise to do extensive research and this is when real estate business magazine in India bails you out. Due to the real estate boom there are various companies and websites who have started providing magazines pertaining to Indian real estate. But in this whole lot only few are able to make a mark and Realty Plus is one of them.
Realty Plus is the leading real estate business magazine in India which provides latest news and information related to Indian properties and real estate. It gives a deep insight into the Indian property market so that they can provide best information. Many people who look for opt to the best and attractive property deals in India simply grab the latest edition of any real estate business magazine in India. Majority of the real estate magazines in India make sure that they provide the best and updated information to the people so that they can decide what and how to proceed.
According to many real estate experts, this real estate business magazine in India has solved a lot of queries and questions which pop up in the minds of not only the investors but also of the property sellers. In short this real estate magazine is one stop shop solution for all those people who are either selling or buying properties in India. These real estate business magazines in India tend to influence not only buyers but also sellers and also show them the right way and direction. In short span of time real estate business magazine in India have gained a lot of popularity and importance.
Realty Plus is the best real estate business magazine in India, which carries not only information and news related to Indian real estate but also carries interview of those personalities who have recently made a mark in this field. In short this magazine believes in knowledge sharing and dispersing. That’s why this real estate business magazine in India has outshined its competitors so soon. Thus, if you wish to ride higher in the Indian real estate then simply grab the copy of the best real estate business magazine in India now.

Working Capital Management Basics For Small Business Owners

Working capital management is the art and science of ensuring adequate business cash flow, and improvements in this area should always be welcomed by small business owners. Because of the recent ineffectiveness with commercial banking, working capital financing can no longer be taken for granted by any business. The most effective advice for many complicated problems is often as simple as “it is a good time to get back to the basics”, and working capital loans represent an ongoing illustration of this wisdom for most businesses.

Because of declining sales occurring simultaneously with decreased availability of bank financing, ensuring adequate business cash flow has become a higher priority for most businesses. As a result many commercial borrowers are juggling the timing of their expenditures to match commercial income whenever possible. Business owners will realistically be forced to “get back to working capital financing basics” because this is not an ideal solution under any circumstances.

A primary alternative for any business to explore in their efforts to deal with a mismatch of income and costs is business expense reduction. Credit card processing is a significant cost to evaluate. This is frequently an expense area that is overlooked because the credit card processing provider was chosen for convenience or perhaps because they were recommended by a banking or other professional relationship. Analyzing alternative providers in conjunction with obtaining a business cash advance is one of the most practical methods for reducing this cost. By combining efforts to obtain additional working capital (via merchant financing) with a change of processing services, a dual cash flow benefit can be achieved by receiving commercial financing while simultaneously reducing a major cost. Certainly there will be those who say that this is easier said than done, and it is appropriate to emphasize that this process should involve the close involvement of a business financing expert who is familiar with all aspects.

Looking at whether it is feasible to reduce overall bank financing is another potential cost reduction. Many banks are increasing their fees for almost all commercial finance services. Businesses should increasingly try to reduce their business debt levels to avoid some of the bank fees altogether. The option of firing a current bank and replacing them with a new bank charging more reasonable fees will need to be emphasized when this is not practical.

Small business owners will quickly realize when they review working capital basics that the most effective commercial financing sources have changed during the past few years. The more active role that banks have traditionally played in providing both working capital loans as well other forms of commercial loans has been quietly stopped (or significantly reduced). The point in making this last observation is to alert commercial borrowers that there are both “new basics” and “old basics” for most working capital management situations. The entire process of reviewing “working capital basics” will help businesses realize how other business financing options are likely to be more effective in resolving their predicament than the traditional bank solution of taking on more business debt to resolve the described problems.

Effective Quicken Tech Support Packages to Manage All Finance

To setup a business is a not difficult task as it has many aspects, which require lot of attention.  An individual may needa helping hand to provide a proper assistance to the business. When we talk about today’s context all we have is technology. Technology and innovation is playing a vital role in our life.

We have software, devices and many other technologies which improve our work and saves time. If we talk about business, money matters the most, to manage the finance we require a man power or some tool. In this techno world, we have a tool to manage all the financial transaction of a firm, it is prominently known as Quicken. It is accounting software that is developed by Intuit.Take regulate of the private accounting in very short span of time with Quicken money management software! Organize day-to-day finances, optimize investments & manage your home-based business.

There are basically 2 types of packages in Quicken:

   1.    The Quicken Cash Manager is for Personal Finances

Traceexpenditure&reimburse bills effortlessly with Quicken Cash Manager, it is the simple, exactmode to control your day-to-day finances.Quicken Cash Manager is full of comprehensible tools to give you an idea about you where your capital is going. So you can manageeach dayexpenses, canimprove your budget and set aside for what you want for the most part. Itsprivate money management software intended to help out you in goingfurther on. If you have any problems of Quicken Accounting Software Problem, then take help of any reliable Quicken Support Phone Number.  It is compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1

  2.    Quicken Home & Business

Quicken Home & Business is for the Business Finances & Investments, basically to see where your funds goes, checksavings and deal withhome-grown business finances with Quicken Home & Business. Quicken Home & Business have all thefeatures of Quicken Cash Manager, for with neat money management.

What all issues a user can face while accessing Quicken Software and How Technical Support is Essential?

Technical Support With having so many features, a user may come across some of the issues which may trouble and affect the workand for that reason there are many third party officials who provide their services in resolving and giving technical support to various issues a such as; error in login the software, Password recovery issue, Quicken software connection failed, Quicken running slow, Unable to store data for backup,Quicken not responding,Licensing information issue, Quicken Installation Support, Help in Quicken Set up, Unable in installing the software, support for- if user is not able to download any file from Quicken, if failed in storing any data, A specific web browser not supporting Quicken, Couldn’t find back up of all the data.

These third parties exist for 24×7, which is very helpful for the user who faces issues in the odd period of time, just by calling on the Quicken technical Support Number. The customer support is available for anywhere and anytime in the assistance of technical support professionals who have the experience in handlingall the Quicken Not Responding issues. You can completely rely on the variety of services third party expert team deliver.


Economic environment and business management

Business environment influences business management. The critical elements of business environment often interact with the critical elements of business management. The critical elements of business management are planning, direction, organization, control or coordination, staffing and supervision and evaluation. Management at all the levels, top, middle as well as supervisory, is concerned with these critical elements to a certain degree. Similarly, these very critical elements are the concerns of the management that specializes in different functions such as production, finance, marketing, purchase, inventory control, personnel, public relations, research and development etc.

Management, at all the levels of specialized functions, is influenced by the critical elements ofeconomic environment. For example, when an industry faces business recession, the management may decide to cut down the rate of production or to pile up inventory accumulation. When the market is being invaded by an increasing number of closely substitutable products, the management may decide to go in for aggressive advertisement or cut-throat competition. When the financial institutions start interfering too much with the day-to-day business operations of a firm, the firm’s management may decide to depend exclusively on its own internal funds rather than borrowed capital. When the government enforces minimum wage legislations and other social security measures for all permanent workers, the management may decide to recruit only casual laborers through a labor contractor.

Business environment may act either as a stimulant or as a constraint for business management. If the prevailing environment is favorable to business growth and prosperity, then the management feels happy and responds positively.

Small business owners are often encouraged to produce more when the government pays them subsidy. On the other hand, when the prevailing environment is unfavorable, it acts as a disincentive.

For example, when the government tries to impose a high tax rate on corporate profits, many business concerns try to evade tax by under-reporting their profits. It is interesting to note that the same environment may act both as stimulant and as a constraint – stimulating for some and constraining for others.

A high tax rate increases the propensity to evade taxes, it induces the corporate tax-payer to restrict his output, sales or profits. At the same time, this very situation provides an opportunity to the tax consultant for thriving business.

A good amount of managerial skill and dexterity is required in adjusting to the environment. The managers must have a thorough knowledge, understanding and comprehension of their immediate business environment. With experience and maturity, the alert managers acquire the skill to deal with the environment. When an environment repeats itself, the experienced managers effectively display their “capability” to take of it. When the changing dimensions of the environment establish a sudden departure from the past trends and tendencies, the managers are called upon to demonstrate their “capability” to deal with the situation or risk and uncertainty. The environment thus poses, challenge for the management. The managerial efficiency and/or effectiveness is a measure of adaptability to the existing business environment.

Adapting to Business Environment: Importance Analysis


The business environment is too complex especially with increased globalization and hence have to be understood adequately for the continuous operation of the business. Business environment refers to the surrounding atmosphere on which the business operates and the environment encompass the cultural aspect, political dimension and environmental aspect. The business has to analyse the effect of these dimensions and ways of adapting so as to operate profitably and ensure survival in the long term. Business environment refers to all external forces, which have a bearing on the functioning of business. The business environment factors “are largely if not totally, external and beyond the control of individual industrial enterprises and their managements. The business environment poses threats to a firm or offers immense opportunities for potential market exploitation.

Business has to adapt to its environment to ensure survival. The role of business is crucial and involves that it is an important institution in society, it supplies of goods and services, creation of job opportunities and contribute to the economic growth of the country among others. Hence business survival should be ensured, as its success transforms to better economy and standards of living of workers and the society around. The environment includes technological environment, international environment, economic, political, natural environment and social or cultural environment.

There is symbolic relationship between business and its environment and among the environmental factors. Generally, business is influenced by its environment to certain degree and it will influence the external forces. These environmental forces are dynamic. They keep on changing as years roll by, so does business. A particular business firm, by itself, may not be in a position to change its environment, but along with other firms, business will be in a position to mould the environment in its favor.

The benefits of environmental study include the development of broad strategies and long-term policies of the firm, development of action plans to deal with technological advancements, to foresee the impact of socio-economic changes at the national and international levels on the firm’s stability, analysis of competitor’s strategies and formulation of effective countermeasures and to keep oneself dynamic.

The environmental analysis process involves four sequential processes namely scanning, monitoring, forecasting and assessment. Scanning involves general surveillance of all environmental factors and their interactions. Monitoring involves tracking the environmental trends, sequences of events, or streams of activities. Forecasting is concerned with developing plausible projections of the direction, scope, and intensity of environmental change. Assessment, tries to answer questions such as what are the key issues presented by the environment, and what are the implications of such issues for the organization.

Importance of business to adapt to its environment

(a)   To meet Business Goals

If the business adapts to its environment it will be able to meet its business goals. Business goals include profit making, growth, power, employee satisfaction and development, quality services and products, market leadership, joy of creation and service to society.

If the business understands the culture around it, it will be easy for it to operate at a profit because after adapting to the environment it is now easy to strategies way s of conducting business profitably. The business can now afford to separate activities that lead to profit generation from other products. The business can be able to compete for market share for its products and services.

For the achievement of every goal, the business has to adapt to the business environment it operates. If a business is not achieving its goals then its very unnecessary to operate especially if it cannot achieve profitability for a long time. Hence managers should quickly understands and adapt to the environment.

(b)   Enhances Decision Making

Understanding the works of the economy is a means to an end of improving decision making. The decision makers should therefore analyse the economic environment and how it acts as an external constraint on the decision making process. This involves understanding both the micro and macro environments and quickly adapting to the environments.

Adapting to the political environment will also aid decision making. This involves organisation making decision that are in line with the current political environment. Due to the power of politics an organization that fails to comply with such laws and regulations is likely to be punished to the extent of losing operating license. This is very crucial especially to organization in the export sector, banking sector and mining sector. These sectors attract a lot of attention as they derive the economy through linkages.

Understanding the cultural environment also helps in decision making environment. Adapting will mean that as the company advances its products and operations should make sure it does not violate the norms of the society as it risks losing support. If the form diverts from society tastes and preferences its products may be rejected in the market and hence losses are likely to arise. The R&D department should research thoroughly for innovation to be in line with society cultures.

(c)    Product Development

When a firm needs to develop its products it is highly recommended for it to have adapted to its environment. Products and services should be developed in line with the cultural environment in place, legal or political mandates as well as economic bindings. For example in the clothing industry each culture has its own type of clothing and it will only be profitable to develop and sell those type of clothes related to the cultural environment. Even if the business decides to update their products version, it still should be acceptable culturally. This only possible when the business has adapted to the environment and understands it.

Most importantly, adaptation to the political environment is necessary for product development. Firms should develop those products that are legally acceptable. This is only possible if the business understands its political environment and quickly adjust to adapt to the environment. This is very crucial to the services offered by various non-governmental organizations.

(d)   Staff Motivation

Firms usually recruit the bulk of its employees from the local market. So it is wise that the business understands and adapt to its environment. The cultural dimension is the most important in this case, managers should understand the cultures that governs the local people and hence strategies how best to work with them.    Managers should not blame their workers for the behavior related to their culture rather should aim to transform or shape their skills to suit business standards. The political environment should also be taken into account for staff motivation, this refers mainly to the way managers choose to motivate its workers, it should not go against what is legal in those times.

(e)    Competition

For firms to compete in the markets they should understand and adapt to the business environment. There is no way they can effectively compete without understanding the business environment. This ensures long term survival of the business. Addressing of barriers to entry can be effected by organizations that have adapted to the political environment.

(f)    Investment and Business Growth

Efficient investment and business growth are some important factors that cause businesses to adapt to their operating environments. Economic environment is very crucial in this case especially for foreign investors. Foreign investors should adapt to the economic environment in order for them to effectively explore business opportunities  and ensure growth. Mining and transport sectors are good examples in this case.


Adapting to business environments is a crucial to the survival of business. It is very crucial especially for foreign managers to quickly adjust and adapt to the environment they operate. This will enhance their leadership style and be a good leader. The business manager should avoid using the wrong approach to a certain environment which is suitable for another environment. This means that managers should be flexible and willing to learn whenever they join new locations. With increased globalization the business environment has become too complex. Managers and business should not be resistance to change.

The value of global business consulting services

Global business consulting services are rapidly gaining in popularity throughout the business world. For a business to achieve success in today’s competitive environment, it is necessary to keep abreast with the competition. A business must be able to sustain itself by overcoming all kinds of intricate challenges by the virtue of operational quality, high standard of leadership and skills along with ability to adapt in the ever changing corporate world.  If you have to establish your organization at an international level, it is necessary to build and maintain a steady and strong global presence without compromising on the brand value in the local market. This is where Global business consulting servicescome into play.

Consulting services offer a wide range of advisory and consultative assistance related to business. Their enterprising solutions are designed to provide impetus to your business in terms of sustainability and profitability. Companies, irrespective of their scale, hire consultants for various purposes. Multinational companies resort to their services due to their high level of expertise and ability to provide quick solutions. These consultants offer a host of services that are essential to the well being of your company.
The most difficult part about a business is to set it up and get it started. Although it is an extremely exciting experience, but if not done smartly it can quickly turn into a nightmare. It is advisable to hire a global consultant irrespective of the nature or scale of your trade. A lot depends on how you set up your business. Many people make the mistake of taking this part lightly and end up making mistakes that can have an adverse effect. Global business consulting services help you start you business in a time effective way.  With their help you can begin the operational work within weeks. Right from registration to devising business strategies and marketing plans, these consulting services will provide you complete guidance and assistance. Marketing and advertising are two very important factors on which your company’s revenue is dependent. Your business logo, web site, social media contacts, Google analytics, all are an integral part of the marketing and advertising campaign. Business counsellors will take care of all these things for you along with coaching you about various marketing techniques that will help your trade to prosper.

They will also keep you updated about the latest events related to the corporate world through a newsletter. This newsletter covers all the news that is connected to your organization. It will also be accompanied by a detailed analysis with regard to your company’s progress at the global level.

Document Translation Services in Global Business

With globalization affecting almost every sector of today’s market, there has been an enormous growth in translation service providers of late. Thus one must choose a quality document translation service which ranges amongst the top translation services.

Translation is not a cake walk, so you need to find a proficient and experienced professional translation firm in order to save your time and get a manuscript that is error free. It will help you to maintain the quality and conduct of the document and will fetch you with a professional high quality document in the end which will be error free and accurate.

Whether you need the translation of a legal contract, training manual or scientific report into a foreign language, you do require the assistance of a document translation service company to ensure that you get a high quality translated script.

Document translation is an important global marketing strategy which is now adopted by virtually all the companies that wish to expand their reach globally. And in this context, translation companies have made it possible for businesses to share information and ideas into different languages or dialects. They provide document translation services for businesses so that businesses can target their multilingual customers and help them in various ways.

Below are some of the reasons that show why one should hire these translation services:

  • One of the key benefits of hiring professional translation service for your business is that they work with you in one-on-one manner. Infact, if you choose the best service provider, it will often have a variety of expert translators to choose from. Moreover, all the translators will have specific skills and backgrounds. Hence, you will be able to select the one that best fits for your particular projects. Thus, they provide you industry specific translations complying with industry standards.
  • The experts who work for recognized translation services will generally work in their native tongue so that your documents are translated as accurately as possible. For instance, if your business is based in the UK and you are planning to expand to Japan, the professional translator of the translation firm will be a native Japanese speaker who will also be equally fluent in English.
  • Hiring professional translation services also ensures confidentiality of information. They will sign a non-disclosure agreement which inhibits them to disclose or share any information contained in your document. Moreover, they maintain excellent customer relations and have a full range of customer support to handle their client.

It is evident that hiring document translation services for your business is worthwhile because of the above mentioned reasons. Meanwhile, it is also necessary that you should know whether the company double checks and proofreads each document to ensure accuracy.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading translation service providers that have been providing document translation services in the UK to thousands of clients. They offer excellent and fastest possibledocument translation services of the highest standards, from quotation stage to the delivery of finished products.

Why it is Important to List Your Business in Local Business Directories?

If you are running a business, then placing its name in local business directories become must for your business. Online business listings have become popular among the people as well as business owners. Those who are not taking the advantage of this opportunity, might be missing out lots of potential customers and making their business to the dimness. There are several business directories available for a particular area. You can choose according to your business needs and requirements. Below given are a few reasons you can consider thinking to put your business in a local business directory.

Local Business Listing

Exposure – Listing your business in a local directory means your business will gain exposure in every manner. Until your target audience knows about the presence of your business, there is no way to generate business sales. With business listing, your business gets the maximum exposure on the internet and reach a large number of customer base.

 Get in the competition – The competition is on the rise in every market, and if you want to stay on the top of your competitors, you need to put all your efforts in every manner. Putting your business name in local directory means your business will be appear when searched by the users. This is the place where you can convince your customers to choose your business services.

Cost-effective advertising – The cost of advertising your business through other methods is comparatively high, especially if you are opting for outdoor marketing. Local business directory not only market your business without being vocal, but is the most affordable way to expand the visibility of your business in the market.

Update everything effectively – Whenever you update your business products and/or services, you need to spend lots of hours to update the same information through outdoor advertising. But,this is not the case with local business directories. You can edit information without spending even a single penny, and is the best way to keep customers informed.

Get to the core – While putting your business name in a directory, you have the option to put your business in the specific type of industry you belong. Make sure that when a customer search for a business service that is same as of your business, name of your company pop up on that list. You can name it as the easiest way to get to the core of customization.

Reach maximum people – With the wide use of the Internet, people look for a particular product or a service on the web. As such, if you are satisfying the needs of people on a national and international level, you can expand the business reach. Being in a local business directory means  your targeted audience has a chance to find you always.

Optimize your business on the web – Search engine rankings hold the prime importance on the web. With a wide scope of the Internet, no one can ignore the importance of Internet marketing. Listing on directories ensures that your business will be searched by search engines.

With all these solid reasons, you know how and why you should take the benefit of listing your business in a local directory. However, you can put your business in more than one directory as well.

Influencing Factors for a Reliable Business Directory

In the present days everything is becoming online for its ease of use. Business Directories are the list of information categorized according to their nature, activity, size and location. They give a quick glance to the users about the various businesses available in a particular location. Online business directories are designed in a professional way to give the best searching experience.

The details in the directory vary from business to business. Instead of searching business manually, developing an online search software make it easier for the diversified users. For developing a reliable business directory we have to follow the following factors:

  • Develop a full listing with all contact details including a map. A business directory should allow the user to prefer the mode of contact and makes it easy for prospective clients.
  • The directory should provide a space for description using which the business holder can add additional data like promises and guarantees.
  • It should also provide a space to advertise the web page. Many businesses have webpages, so you should be able to provide a credible and meaningful advertising platform.
  • A user friendly directory must be developed to provide an ease of access to the users to find the business of their choice quickly.
  • Free Listing is the best feature that should be provided. This feature enable business owners to submit their business listing at free of cost. This facilitates the small business owners who cannot indulge into aggressive marketing for their business.
  • All the categories in the listing must be categorized according to their features. For a better search the site must be developed by enabling the alphabetical search.

Business directories are transforming from printed format to digital format because of the advent in the Internet. They are not search engines but they have a search option in them. They show the Accurate and correct information of the businesses which meet all the requirements of the customers.

Free Listing is the best feature that should be provided. This feature enable business owners to submit their business listing at free of cost. This facilitates the small business owners who cannot indulge into aggressive marketing for their business.

Business advertising should be professional, they should provide qualitative content. A business advertisement should be t information of the businesses which meet all the requirements of the customers.published by following the balance between professional advertising, value for money and quality of service.

All the business owners are transforming to digital format and they are looking For Return On Investment (ROI), Web traffic, Exposure to their Business and SEO benefits to their back links.

Create Online digital magazine To Promote Your Business In A Better Way

People are now no longer relied upon paper printed magazines and newspapers to get the required information, they prefer reading online digital magazines which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere by just clicking a few buttons or by just a few touches on the screen. So, in this way they can save a lot of time and efforts. Online digital magazines are a better way for marketing and promotion of the business as compared to paper printed publication. The reasons behind calling them better are many, for instance, they can be distributed to a large number of audiences easily and cheaply and they are easy to create.

To create online digital magazine, you would require the help of a good emag software. An emag maker software would assist you to transform PDF files into a flash flipbook. Not to mention, converting MS word files, MS excel files, etc. only takes a few seconds, and once it is converted into a PDF file, it is ready to be used for creating digital flipbooks. Gather all the promotional content which you have and create an ezine for marketing your business. When your target audience will go through your content your business would get huge popularity.

Even if you are an unpublished writer or a freelance blogger, you can create these flipbooks to share your content with the world and become popular online. Since, these flipbooks possessed social media integration feature, you can share your articles to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and avail this colossal platform. Further, you can also sell your publications for a given amount of money. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that the software you use should be of high quality.

You can begin your search by reading reviews about different magazine maker software over review forums for instance Yelp. While searching you have to try to look for a company that best suits your business requirements. A fine software would have all what it takes to magnetize and engage a user. It should have audio and video integration, easy conversion, social media integration, monitoring as well as other features which can make your digital flipping experience a remarkable one. The quality of your online digital magazine should engage the attention of people. A few of the software of this kind are now available for free of cost over the web, but as you can guess things which come for free can’t be expected to have much.

Creating online digital magazines is the need of the hour. It is the cheapest and best way to do promotion and marketing for your business. Let’s find out more about online digital magazines.

Read A Business Woman Magazine To Ignite The Leadership In You

I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy, to be told instead she has leadership skills.” – Sheryl Sandberg.

It is extremely good to hear words of encouragement from the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. Nothing is much better than a woman identifying, understanding, appreciating and motivating the abilities of another. Gone are the days when women found comfort in secrecy and felt good about their positions in the society. With the passage of time, a lot has changed globally and so have women & their perceptions towards themselves. Decades back, it would have been a shock to accept women as top leaders in different industries, but now leadership & success are a woman’s thing as well.

Indra Nooyi (CEO & Chairperson – PepsiCo), Virginia Rometty (Chairman, President & CEO – IBM), Meg Whitman (President & CEO- Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Chairwoman- HP Inc.), and Ursula Burns (Chairwoman & CEO- Xerox Corp.), are a few names who have proved that women can lead companies and place them at the zenith of success. A great source of inspiration for other women, these top women business leaders, and their motivation is what women beginners in the business world need.

Watch: Hewlett-Packard gets board approval for split

Are you planning to start your own company? If so, do not forget to get a business woman magazine and read it thoroughly to uncover the best information and excellent pieces of advice that you will ever get. There are numerous businesswoman magazines that include innumerable significant questions for women leaders along with the answers. Incorporating the knowledge and advice from the top women leaders in the world in your own company operation will definitely benefit you a lot. Make sure that you do not turn the pages of the businesswoman magazine just like that because you may miss a lot of precious information in this act. So, emphasize business and leadership development, mentoring, empowerment, and skill enhancement sections so that you can gather as much knowledge, advice, and support as you can.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and search online for companies offering services of online businesswoman magazine reading. Going through each and every page will make you more focused and curious while you look for key tips to ensure the success of your own start-up. Don’t waste even a minute, encourage yourself to give your 100%, and go on an online reading tour to discover some of the best words that can evoke the leadership and determination within you. All the best!